Prey Low Spoilers Walkthrough | Pt.2 An Office With a View

Kevin Thielenhaus | 18 May 2017 13:26
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Things get trickier after Morgan Yu escape the Neuromod Division and reaches the Talos 1 Lobby in part 2 of the speedrun walkthrough for Prey [2017].

The Lobby is a large area, filled with nooks and crannies to explore. That also means you'll have to contend with more and more Typhon creatures. Mimics and Phantoms stalk the offices of the lobby area, and completing your main objective can be tricky without grabbing the Shotgun first.

See how to get the shotgun without a keycode, and how to enter Morgan Yu's office the easy way with the quick steps below.

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Walkthrough | Pt. 2: An Office With a View

Objective: Access the video file

You'll need to reach Morgan Yu's office to access the video file. The office is located on the third floor. Go to the back-right corner to find the stairs. The stairs are located behind the Exhibit area.

A large group of mimics is waiting near the stairs in the back-right corner of the lobby. Rush down to the Shuttle Bay hallway and the turret will take care of the mimics.

  • OPTIONAL LOCATION: To get a Shotgun and (4) Neuromods, enter the Security Station at the base of the stairs. Above the locked door, climb up onto the piping and enter the maintenance vent. Drop into the office and collect the shotgun from the desk. The neuromods are in a tight corner opposite the locked entrance door.

Run up to the third floor and enter the Executive Offices. Check Jason Chang's computer. Get the password from the yellow sticky note, and get the keycode to Morgan Yu's office from the email.

In the office, take the (3) Neuromods from the desk, and the Teleconferencing Center keycard. Check the safe to collect a Weapon Upgrade Kit. Use the Recycler to collect materials, and the Fabricator to create new items.

Use the computer on the desk, and select the Utility option. Select "Play" in the "Watch Me Morgan" tab to begin the Looking Class playback. Begin the playback to complete this main story quest. The message cuts out before Yu can hear it all - next stop is the Hardware Labs.

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