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Kevin Thielenhaus | 11 May 2017 13:15
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Explore the micro-gravity environment of G.U.T.S. with our Prey [2017] collectibles guide, with locations for fabrication plans, Neuromods, Weapon Upgrade Kits, emails, employees and more.

The G.U.T.S. delivers water, air, and cargo to every section of the Talos 1 station. Bypassing the main lift, Morgan Yu must float up to the arboretum -- but there are more facilities to explore. The G.U.T.S. is, basically, a long passage from one end of the station to the other.

It seems simple, but there are a handful of tricky employees and items to scavenge. Check out all the locations below.

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Engineering Level A

Email #1: From the Psychotronics bulkhead, take the stairs down to the Recycler. There's a workstation with one email.

Employee Eric Berger - The body is floating near the portal separating normal gravity from micro gravity at the Psychotronics entrance.

EMP Charge Fabrication Plan: Carried by the corpse of Eric Berger, located near the Psychotronics bulkhead in Engineering Level A.

Research Level

Neuromod x1: Look in the Supply container in the Monitoring Station, in the Research Level tunnel.

Employee Ramon Ridley - Floating near the Magnetosphere entrance passage.

Magnetosphere Controls

Employee + Transcribe Laurel Davis - Found to the left of the stairs in the Magnetosphere Controls chamber. The transcribe is also on the body.

Suit Repair Kit Fabrication Plan: This valuable kit can be looted off Laurel Davis' body in the Magnetosphere Controls room.

Email #1, #2, #3: There are three emails on Laurel Davis' terminal in the control room. You'll need Hack 3 to access the workstation.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Near the second workstation, in the back corner of the Magnetosphere Controls room.

Email #1, #2: Two emails can be found on the second workstation terminal in this room. Find it under (and across from) the stairs that lead up to the Generator Access.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Hidden in the Magnetosphere Controls safe. Use Hack 2 to crack it open.

Magnetosphere Generator

Employee Anders Kline - Inside the generator itself, you can find a floating body in the micro-gravity environment.

Maintenance Tunnel Keycard: Held by Anders Kline, the body floating in the Magnetosphere Generator chamber.

Neuromod x2: Anders Kline is also carrying a pair of Neuromods and a chipset.

Cargo Tunnel

Employee: Edward Douglas - Floating near the Cargo Processing waypoint.

Email #1: Near Edward Douglas' body, and near the sealed Cargo Bay door, find a workstation with a single email and a utility function.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: In the caged area swarming with cystoids near the Shuttle Bay Fuel Storage room.

Employee + Transcribe Josh Dalton - One of the trickier employees to find. From the shuttle bay entrance in the Cargo Tunnel, float up to the Transitional Level. Straight up and squeeze into the alcove behind the massive silver pipe to reach an alcove with the body.

Blackbox Lab Keycard: Josh Dalton's dead body is carrying this keycard for the Hardware Labs.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: The corpse of Josh Dalton also has a Weapon Upgrade Kit.

Employee: Next to the bulkhead door to the Arboretum.

Fuel Storage

GLOO Cannon Fabrication Plan: On the ground, near the nonfunctioning Fabricator in the lower area of the Fuel Storage room.

Email #1: Repair the junction and restore power to the Fuel Storage room to access the computer and get the single email.

More coming soon.

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