Prey Low Spoilers Walkthrough | Pt.6 Restore From Backup

Kevin Thielenhaus | 18 May 2017 13:46
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After a long detour in the Crew Quarters, Morgan Yu visits the relatively small confines of Deep Storage in the "Restore The Backup" Prey [2017] main quest. Here's a straightforward explanation for every step.

Deep Storage is a pretty small area -- there are only a handful of rooms, but there are still challenges to deal with. Locked room, hidden keycards, and missing hard drives can make this quick quest pretty challenging. You'll find multiple ways to progress in the walkthrough below.

Our goal is to offer a simple, only-the-fact guide for every main story quest. If you're looking for all the items or collectibles, check out the complete list of guides available on The Escapist at the bottom.

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Walkthrough | Pt. 6: Restore From Backup

After collecting enough voice samples, it's time to enter Deep Storage through the locked bulkhead door in the Arboretum.

Objective: Find Central Repository

Your goal is in the Central Repository. Enter the second room of the Deep Storage area - the vault door is sealed. To open it, you'll need to get into the Security Booth to the left.

The door to the Security Booth is locked, but it is possible to get in. Grab a cup or any other small object and use Mimic to roll into the tiny Security Booth window. You can also use the GLOO Cannon to reach the vent to the right of the Central Repository door. Enter the vent to drop into the Security Booth.

Security Booth Keycode Location: If you don't have the Mimic ability, take the Stairwell Access keycode from the yellow note attached to the computer terminal in the first room of Deep Storage. Go upstairs to find the Security Key on the desk in the Command Center across the bridge.

Inside the Security Booth, use the Repository Access workstation and select "Grant Access" to get inside. The door will open.


Objective: Find the Drive

The Central Repository is a microgravity environment, making it trickier than usual to explore. The area is filled with Cystoid Nests - use the GLOO Cannon to destroy them. The Q-Cell is pinpoint accurate, making it another good choice when dealing with nests.

Float down to the waypoint and collect the drive, then return to the computer terminal near the Central Repository entrance. Insert the drive into the empty slot on the large workstation, and select "Mount A Drive" on the monitor.

Now you can finally download the data. Return to the Commander Center and use the Download Station terminal - transfer the Yu_M_Arming_Key plan here. Downloading it will begin "The Keys to the Kingdom", but this quest isn't over yet.

Use Danielle Sho's computer and select the Utility tab. Choose to eject both Data Vaults, then enter the Data Vaults room to exit the Data Storage area. Go through the now-open door, open the maintenance hatch in the vault and press the button for the Manual Release. After waking up and exiting the vault, you'll start your next quest - "This Side Up" in the Cargo Bay.

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