Top 10 Best Diablo 3 Builds | All Classes Tier List

Kevin Thielenhaus | 7 Aug 2017 10:15
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Not terrible, but not even close to the best. These are the D tier builds. Use these if you like the class / skill combo, because there are better builds out there.

D Tier Builds - GR 102-100

NOTE: The following entries are excerpts from Rhykker.

Marauder Grenades

Previously placing in the C tier, the marauder grenade build has been bumped down a tier, as have most builds, thanks to the necromancer. If you want to run a grenade build, the DH has more powerful options, but if marauder is the only set you have, then this build will get the job done.

Firebats (Helltooth and Arachyr)

There are two variants of the firebats build: the helltooth version, which is tankier, and the arachyr version, which deals more damage. The arachyr version is superior by a single greater rift level and was formerly the best witch doctor build before the surprise resurgence of a previously defunct witch doctor build. While firebats previously landed the witch doctor in the c tier, despite it now falling to the D tier, the witch doctor has only risen in power since our last tier list. You'll see why soon enough. Arachyr Firebats actually takes us into our top 10 list of best builds, tied for 10th place with three other builds.

Arachyr Skills

Sunwuko LTK

Also tied for 10th place. Sunwuko's was previously in our F tier, but it's actually managed to climb up into our D tier this season. The build has barely changed, and there have been no balance changes to any class since last season; it just took a dedicated player to prove that the power gap between the sunwuko lashing tail kick build isn't as far behind the legacy of nightmares Lashing tailkick build as we once thought. Throw in the fact that Sunwuko is a set with some great speed farming builds, and Sunwuko's just looks better and better.


Also tied for 10th. This is by far the more popular variant of LTK to play over Sunwuko's, partially thanks to not having to manage the mechanic of sweeping wind stacks that the 6-piece bonus of Sunwuko's relies on. Previously tied for 8th placed, the LoN LTK is bumped down as another casualty of the necromancer.

Shadow Impale

The last build we have that is tied for 10th place. In our previous tier list, this build was emerging, and we estimated its power as C-tier - we were correct about its relative strength, but GR range for C tier has changed in our new list, so it's not in the D-tier. It's a popular misconception that this is the most powerful Demon Hunter build - it's a very popular build, it's easy to play, it's fun, and it's a great build for killing rift guardians in groups, but it is definitely not the best solo pushing demon hunter build for greater rifts.

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