The 4th Annual The Escapist Film Festival is over and we have completed going through all of this year's amazing entries. There were so many great entries, we are giving away 3 Grand Prizes instead of just one! Also, make sure to check out the Viewer’s Choice winners, as well as the list of great honorable mentions. If you would like to view all of the other entries, CLICK HERE.

Creature Caster Masters
Tales From The Table
Show About Games Show
Pro-gamer Gauntlet: Demo
Breaking Blizzard – Pilot
Game Science
Trailer Master: Fable 3
Press to continue
Opinionated Reviews: Burn Notice

Jetman Jam
Secrets of the Virtual Past
A Very Provident Punt - Vol I: Twilight
Jump the Shark

Vs. Mode
Escape the Game
Arcadia's Fight
Carmen 1.0

Castle Town
Radiogame Theatre

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