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E3 2008: I Still Don't Get PlayStation Home
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Editor's Note: Best of
Editor-in-Chief Russ Pitts reflects on E3 2010 and what it foretells for the future of gaming.
Atlus Brings Shiren the Wanderer 3 to NA
Continuing their mission to bring obscenely hard Japanese videogames to English-speaking shores, Atlus has announced that they plan to publish Wii dungeon crawler Shiren the Wanderer 3 in North America next year.
de-rez: E3 Trailers
Have you ever wondered what kind of games should have been released at E3?
E3 2008: Escape TV: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
In this final installment of The Escapist's E3 2008 video coverage, Russ and Julianne interview LucasArts about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and share their final thoughts on E3.
E3 2008: Escape TV: Velvet Assassin
Julianne and Russ interview the creators of Velvet Assassin and do some serious Jungle Boogying.
E3 2008: Escape TV: MK v. DCU, This is Vegas
Julianne interviews the developers of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and This is Vegas, Russ re-lives his dreadful SeaWorld audition.
E3 2008: Escape TV: Fracture, Wheelman
On this episode of The Escapist's E3 2008 video coverage, Julianne interviews the producer of LucasArts' Fracture and Russ tries his hand at Vin Diesel's Wheelman.
E3 2008: Escape TV: Legendary, TNA Impact
In the fourth episode of The Escapist's E3 2008 video coverage, Julianne and Russ interview the creators of Legendary and get down and dirty with TNA Impact.
E3 2008: Escape TV: Fable 2, Wii Music
In the third episode of our E3 2008 video coverage, Russ and Julianne (try to) play Fable 2 and play (bad) music with Wii Music.
Context Sensitive: The Top Five Bummers of E3
She's told you about the Good, now it's time for Susan Arendt to share her views on the Bad and the Ugly of E3.
E3 2008: Escape TV: Fallout 3, Sing It!
On this episode of The Escapist's video coverage of E3 2008, Julianne and Russ sing Hannah Montana, and interview Todd Howard, Executive Producer of Fallout 3.
E3 2008: Escape TV: Mushroom Men, Rabbids TV Party
In the first episode of The Escapist's E3 Video Coverage, Russ Pitts and Julianne Greer go hands on with Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party and interview the creators of Mushroom Men.
E3 2008: A Quick Look At Dragon Age Origins
BioWare showed off just a small portion of its upcoming RPG Dragon Age Origins at this year's E3, but it was enough to rekindle our interest in this long-awaited game.
Context Sensitive: My Five Favorites From E3
Sackboys and jetpacks and rock stars that sing, these are a few of Susan Arendt's favorite things from this year's E3.
Ubisoft Says E3 Too Late in Year
An Ubisoft executive has stated that this year's E3 location and date were "not appropriate" for companies, even if it was more organized.
E3 2008: The Who Rock the Orpheum
Last night, Rock Band developer Harmonix treated a few lucky game journalists to a once in a lifetime event: a private concert with rock legends The Who.
E3 2008: A Quick Peek At DC Universe Online
Sony provided us with a very quick peek at DC Universe Online, which lets you take your own superhero or villain into the world of Batman and Superman.
E3 2008: Sony Unveils the Enormous MAG
Sony gave us our first glimpse of MAG, an enormous shooter that can support up to 256 players in a match.
E3 2008: Sony Launches Video Service
Sony's video delivery service, which not only lets you rent and buy movies but also put them on your PSP, launches tonight.
E3 2008: Nintendo Reinvents Wii Sports
Nintendo's just-announced MotionPlus controller needs a brand new game to go with it, so Nintendo is putting a new shine on an old favorite with Wii Sports Resort.
E3 2008: Nintendo's Music Game for Klutzes
If you're one of those people who wants to play Rock Band but can't quite get the rhythm, even on Easy, then you are going to love Wii Music.
E3 2008: Animal Crossing Has Something to Say
We knew that Animal Crossing would eventually find its way to the Wii, but we didn't know it would be bringing a new gadget, the Wii Speak microphone, along with it.
E3 2008: Nintendo Announces GTA on DS
Nintendo delivered a few surprises during its press conference at this year's E3, including news of a brand new Grand Theft Auto game made exclusively for the DS.
E3 2008: Microsoft's Big Guns
After boasting that Xbox 360 will, without doubt, sell more than the PlayStation 3 in this console life cycle, Microsoft showed off its most important upcoming games, including Fallout 3, Fable 2, and - surprisingly- Final Fantasy XIII.
E3 2008: GLaDOS, Cartman Coming to Xbox Live
Everyone's favorite homicidal computer, GLaDOS, will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade and bringing new Portal levels with her.
E3 2008: Microsoft 'Completely Reinvents" Xbox 360
Microsoft plans to "completely reinvent" the Xbox 360 by overhauling the dashboard, introducing Mii-like avatars and partnering with movie rental house Netflix.
E3 2008: Nintendo Steals Microsoft's Thunder
Shortly before Microsoft's press conference was set to kick off E3 2008, Nintendo announced Wii MotionPlus, an accessory that allows the Wii Remote to recognize 3-D space.
E3 2008: Online Co-op in Resident Evil 5
Online co-op in Resident Evil 5 is hot. Stupid amounts of hot.
E3 2008: Microsoft Joins With Netflix
During its press conference, Microsoft announced that it would be forming a partnership with Netflix, allowing 360 owners to watch Netflix movies via their consoles.
E3 2008 Exhibitors Announced
E3 returns to the LA Convention Center with fewer companies and shorter walking distances.