Welcome to Indie Speed Run 2.0's Free Play! Each of these games was made by an extremely small development team (sometimes only one person) in just 48 hours using a randomly assigned theme and element. Sixteen judges, including Notch, Kim Swift, Peter Molyneux, Ron Gilbert, Suda51, Andrew Spinks, Jason Rohrer, Ian Dallas, Trent Oster, Brian Provinciano, Dan Pinchbeck, Justin Ma, Matthew Davis, Amir Rao, and Greg Broadmore will choose one to promote into the finals. Those games, plus one chosen by your ratings, will be sent to Zero Punctuation's own Yahtzee Croshaw to win $3,000 in cash! Find out more and how to get involved with future Indie Speed Runs at www.indiespeedrun.com or on Twitter @indiespeedrun