Welcome Escapist Community Members!

Starting August 16, The Escapist will be launching the Summer E Games, a two-week long event full of quizzes, contests and competitions for badges. One of the events is the return of the Legacy Battle, in which 32 of your favorite series battle to be number one. The only problem is, we have over 90 series to pick from, so we need you, The Escapist community, to choose which 32 series will make it into the initial battle. All you have to do is click on which series you want to see as part of the battle from the left column, make sure they are highlighted and then add them to the list on the right by clicking the right arrow button. After you have chosen 32, click the submit button (if you've exceeded the 32 limit, our system will tell you). If you don’t see your favorite series there, this is just for a bit of fun but you are welcome to give a healthy and friendly shout out to your favorites.

Please select your 32 favorites from now until August 15th. On August 16th, we’ll have the first round open for voting and the match-ups that will be taking place. Thank you everyone for helping out and get ready for more events during the Summer E Games!

The Legacy Battle Draft has ended! The 32 top picks will be announced, along with who they will be facing off against, soon!