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Award winning composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Ian Dorsch grew up in Aberdeen, Washington (the birthplace of Grunge!) where he was a precocious musician. At age 14, his father turned him loose on his home studio, where Ian taught himself to play piano, guitar, program drums, and sequence songs. By the time he began to attend music school at Western Washington University in 1995, Ian had been featured on several albums of electronic music, and had experience performing, writing and arranging in a wide variety of pop and rock styles. While Ian was working on his BMus in classical voice and choral conducting, he became the singer, keyboardist and primary songwriter of pioneering Seattle-area progressive metal band Chiaroscuro, which Metal Maniacs' Jeff Wagner called "a vibrant new color of metal." Since graduating from music school, Ian has sung Baroque arias in Lyon, France, won the Game Audio Network Guild's 2004 composition contest, been soloist, music director and choral conductor for ensembles, opera and theater companies and churches all around Western Washington State, and written theme music and soundtracks for podcasts, videos and several indie games. He is currently music coordinator for The Escapist, director of the Grays Harbor Civic Choir, and a voice teacher at Grays Harbor College. In his meager spare time, he manages to play a few games. He resides in Aberdeen, WA, with his wife and two children.