Comic Description:
Co-Op is a single pane, gamers web comic that pokes fun at videos games and gamer culture. Based on the views opinions, and online encounters of two Xbox Live gamers Lobodestroyo (Jamie Guy) and Treebeerd (Kelly Williams), each strip we take a stab at a different game. The two of us have never met in person and work on the comic from different states, communicating via Xbox live to brainstorm and come up with ideas (often over a game of Uno). Kelly is a comic book artist and I am a graphic designer, so our combined skills have made for some fun issues in the short time we've been running the comic together. We hope you enjoy our strip, thanks for hosting this contest! On a side note: I didn't get the successful upload message when submitting my images and am unable to try again. Not sure if you got the files or not. Let me now if I can try again. Thanks!