Comic Description:
Hi, my webcomic is kind of unnamed. I used to run my own website called, unfortunately due to a huge boob-up in hosting (totally my fault) the site was lost to the Internet Gods.I'd love to carry on under that name though, it fit the bill. The work I'm submitting is from the site. It's all my artwork, and what it lacks in style it makes up for in even less stylish dialogue. One of the images is from a series called Bad Juju. The Giant Tikihead with Flaming Eyes turned out to be more popular than the actual hero, so I did a few comics with him in it. The other ones are from random series. So hey, I was just uploading the images and your image processor seemed unresponsive, I might've hit the button a few times in despair. And I guess that's my text entry. If you wanna know more about me, you know where to find me.