Comic Description:
If there is one thing gamers love more than their favourite games it's bitching about the worst parts of their favourite games over and over again to everyone they see. BraveFace singles these moments out and, well, puts a brave face on them reminding you that gaming perfection is never quite perfect.
Shamus Young:

The Good:

This is a fairly direct series of jokes based on making fun of games by adding a dash of real-world logic. The series looks eclectic and there doesn't seem to be an ongoing set of characters. Each strip is dedicated to making fun of a different game or gaming trope.

This particular comedy well can never run dry. Our hobby requires us to accept realities that simply do not survive scrutiny. Making fun of sillyness in games is like making jokes about how fishing is better than work or about how golfing is really hard. These truths will always resonate with the faithful.

The writer has good instincts with regards to timing (no massive walls of text, no giving away the joke too soon) which is a huge problem for most people who go for this sort of "videogame logic" humor. (A common mistake is over-explaining the situation the the uninitiated before you send it up.)

The Bad:

While the comics mostly worked, there weren't any sparks of brilliance that pushed it out in front of the crowd.