Comic Description:
Hi, I'm a long time escapist fan and, when I saw a contest advertised that wasn't absolutely above my head I figured I'd make something up and enter, regardless of frighteningly likely possibility of public castration. I do have some things to mention to the editors though, on a lamer legal/bleh note, that the images I've used in these panels borrow from a talented comic artist named David Rees who uses, almost exclusively, clip art. If you decide my comics should are at all above the level of rubbish but don't feel comfortable with the use of images associated with another author I have quite a trove of non-copyrighted clip art that I can use instead. I used the Rees stuff because, besides being awfully stark, it was easier for a first timer like me to get a grip on things. I made a few extras and chose ones representing a variety of topics, from 'gamer life' to 'game criticism' but I thought I should mention that I can do more in either category or mindset if you'd like. Anyway, happy almost-not-winter! ~Sard