Comic Description:
The Interwebs is a webcomic about internet culture- the characters, the places, and the lol cats. The strip is usually random jokes revolving around the internet, though it is somewhat of a narrative at times, especially at the beginning as we follow a N00b around as he experiences the 'wonders' of the internet, escorted by a lol cat named Lolly, (who's in it for the lulz). After a few strips the N00b will become a gamer archetype, (and won't look like a gray blob of clay anymore, but more like a person who is in desperate need of a shower... or something). He will from that point present a view of the net and its forums from a gamer's prospective. But first, I wanted to explore his n00bness and exploit his innocence. For the lulz. Sometimes random characters will step in to poke fun at specific things when the main cast can't, or when it would simply be funnier that way. The first few strips take place on a desktop type background, (complete with a looming Google 'God' obelisk), but don't worry, they don't stay there. Travels will go across Youtube, Wikipedia, 4Chan, The Escapist, Deviant Art, and various other internet hot spots. Internet games and online gaming sites will also be locations to visit. One last note- I misread the sizes and originally made the strip for a horizontal format, (more for print). After I realized my mistake and doing some research I realized I couldn't do this with four panels and do it the way I wanted and it still be legible. So I fixed my mistake and stacked the panels- however I still have the horizontal format if you are interested in that for any reason. As for me, I'm an unemployed fresh out of college new mom with a BFA in Graphic Design. I have the drive and plenty of time to do the job if I am chosen. You can visit my dA account for other, mostly silly things I've done, as I do not have a proper portfolio website up yet: I hope this comic is the sort of thing you're looking for. If not, I hope you find a funny one I can read in my spare time. -JC