Comic Description:
My comic is called "Big Head Mode," a reference to the classic cheat code that used to fill so many games, and to my drawings. Its standard format is a three-panel, black-and-white cartoon that could be described as "political," except that instead of mocking Obama and Congress, I'm mocking Nolan North and Apple. Most of the strips introduce a topic and evaluate on it to some sort of punchline, with funny images and dialogue in each panel to keep the reader entertained. Some, however (like my "New From Apple" Strip that I submitted), are three jokes in one, with each panel making a separate joke related to a larger theme. My comic aims to entertain the average video game player and technology consumer by drawing them in with simple and humorous art and giving them a laugh with commentary on the gaming issues of the day, something that I feel has never been done before in a video game webcomic.