Comic Description:
NERDMENTAL Four thousand eons ago, in the days of elven lore and beyond, a child was born, a child who would one day grow to be the saviour of all of Doran-Thal. The human Brigan Talberon and his brutish partner, Madrok of the Ice Giants, are commissioned by the Casadonian Council to find the saviour child and bring him back before the evil sorcerer Killdar the Unstoppable gets to the child first. And all of that has nothing to do with this comic. NERDMENTAL is the state of mind one enters once he or she quotes Admiral Akbar or has a prolonged discussion about anything pertaining to the Mushroom Kingdom. NERDMENTAL is the reaffirmation of everything nerdy that we hold dear to us; NERDMENTAL is life. Join Brandon and Gail as they partake in the world of video games and whatever else comes to mind. Attempts at humor will ensue. -dan costales