Comic Description:
My Comic is Titled "Right 2 Live"Its and Australian spin off of "Left 4 Dead" The Zombie Horror Multilayer Fps.The Comic follows the adventure of to Teenaged Friends. Mathew and Luke.Mathew comes up with ideas for different zombie ... removal... weapons. He is innovative yet gets sidetracked very easily.Luke Enjoys the lack of authority caused by the outbreak, usually with nothing much more than killing and looting on his mind. It comic will also cameo several friends of Mathew's and Luke's friends that they meet up with and also part with throughout the course of the story. It is designed to be funny, serious, packed full of action and last for a very long time storyline wise.My entry consists of random pages to display all the strengths of the comic, eg. one page for action one page for innovation and so on.I hope you enjoy my comic. Mathew Ortega