Comic Description:
"Name Game" is a comic about the employees working at a retail video game store and what they have to put up with for minimum wage. It shows the funny, aggravating, and occasionally disturbing situations these employees would face and the conversations that emerged from them. The scenarios of Name Game are not only entertaining but they are also honest. After months of working at a local Gamestop I know first hand what it's like to deal with customers who discover there isn't much "power to the player". Being one of the only girls employed at Gamestop also made for a unique experience. Name Game shows what we were really thinking while you were browsing the store and un-organizing the walls we spent so much time alphabetizing the day before. With an interesting array of customers, games and store policies Name Game always has a new story to tell. It exposes that a lot more goes on behind the counter then just trade-ins.