ARGO Online Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Ends on 17 Mar 2011

What happens when Steampunk and an MMO finally collide? It's called ARGO Online and we have a bunch of closed beta keys to give away for you to try it out.

In the 23rd century, the world has been shattered by Seperstis during the 4th World War. Not only have complete cities and landscapes been destroyed, whole continents have been reformed. But two races rise from the ashes and rebuild their civilization in this post-apocalyptic world according to their different philosophies of life. Which one would you choose? Do you see the future of mankind in the evolution of technologies or in the symbiosis of nature? It is one of the most important decisions a human has to make. In what do you believe?

ARGO Online combines two great philosophies and styles in to one absolutely unique game design. On the one side, the dystopian
steampunk faction called "Noblian" and on the other the mystical tribe of "Floresslah", who have found their faith with the symbiosis of nature. Both factions shared the same past before the last world war but because of their completely different attitudes to life which they evolved over the centuries, they became enemies over time.

Now, ARGO Online is inviting you, members of The Escapist community, to participate in the closed beta!

How to Participate

  • You must be a registered member of The Escapist. You can sign up for your free account by clicking here, or Login with Facebook.
  • You must at least 13 years of age.
  • Head to the bottom of the page and submit your information and a key will show up in that same spot.
  • Once you have the key, head over to the ARGO main site and create your account by clicking here.
  • After creating the account, sign in and then submit your closed beta key.
  • Please note, you may need to download the game from one of the ARGO partner websites. You can find a list here.
  • Download, login and enjoy!

PC System Requirements

  • Minimum: P4 2.8GB Processor, 512MB Ram, GeForce 6600 256MB, HDD 6GB
  • Recommended: Core 2Duo 2.3GB Processor, 2GB Ram, GeForce 9400 GT 512MB

The ARGO Online Features

  • 10 huge dungeons
  • 20 different territories
  • Two unique races to choose from with four of eight classes each
  • Futuristic, steampunk-themed world accessible up to Level 30
  • Hundreds of quests in five different categories
  • Interactive map system for finding NPCs, quests, and more
  • Crafting system with multiple upgrade options for items
  • Resource system (based on the mineral Earthdium) for skills (dash, attack, defense)
  • Six professions to experience
  • PvP and raid dungeons to explore with friends
  • Different mounts for both factions (Floresslah: Animal mounts / Noblian: Steampunk vehicles)
  • Deep achievement system
  • Pet system with two completely different faction designs

The contest has ended!

Thanks for your interest, but this contest is now over. Keep checking The Escapist for more contests and giveaways in the future.