Shamus Young's 'Witch Watch' Quiz

Ends on 27 Apr 2012


In between ranting about Mass Effect and DRM, Shamus Young found time to write his very first novel, The Witch Watch, and we're celebrating this mighty achievement by giving away signed copies of the book! The inspiration for the book came from an unlikely source - World of Warcraft. Here's how Shamus explains the brainstorm that became The Witch Watch:

'The book idea came while playing World of Warcraft. I had just rolled up an undead character. In the game, there's an NPC welcoming you to the world as soon as you spawn for the first time. The idea is that this guy has just brought you back from the dead to help them with their struggle.

At the time I thought it would be amusing if someone in the player's position was greeted with, "Welcome back, Bob! We've revived you so that... what? You're not Bob? Oh. Sorry. How awkward. Not to hurt your feelings, but we have no idea who you are and nobody seems all that upset about you being dead. Again, sorry. Not to make this any worse for you, but I need to revive Bob, and right now I used up all the magic bringing you back. Would you mind... you know, going back to being dead?"'

What happens if you bring the wrong fellow back from the dead? A young lady with a head for invention, a boy with a gift for sorcery, and a rotting corpse with a dry sense of humor all find themselves fighting against a strange new threat in Victorian-era London in Shamus Young's new book, The Witch Watch. By taking our quiz, you'll be entered for a chance to win one of five copies.

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The Rules

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The Prizes

  • Contest Winners - 1 of 5 copies of The Witch Watch, written by Shamus Young and illustrated by Heather Young.
  • Participants - A unique badge based on Heather Young's illustration.

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