Toradora! and PERSONA Volume 1 Giveaway

Ends on 27 Jul 2010

NIS America has teamed up with The Escapist to bring you the change to win a premium package of Toradora! or PERSONA: Trinity Soul, Volume 1.

How to Participate

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  • You must be at least 13 years of age.
  • You must be currently residing in the US or Canada.
  • You must enter your complete shipping information below in order to be eligible for any random prize drawing. Failure to do so will negate any entry.
  • If chosen on July 28th, you will have 24 hours to respond. Failure to do so will negate your entry and we will choose another winner.
  • If a winner is not chosen by August 2nd, The Escapist has every right to negate the unclaimed prize.

The Prizes

Each premium package has two DVD discs and an original art book which is full color and hard covered.

It will also include a double-sided poster that was only available at the NIS America online store with preorder, and is no longer available even at our online store.


About Toradora!

Prepare for insane romantic comedy!

Because of his scary looking appearance, Ryuji lives an unfortunate life. On the first day of his junior year of high school he meets a strange girl. The girl he meets, Taiga, is known as the Palmtop Tiger. Despite being a pretty little girl, she is extremely short tempered and nobody can stop her when she starts throwing fists. However, Ryuji learns something about Taiga that no one else knows...The dragon and tiger join forces to bring you a mega love comedy!




A drama about growing up, woven by juveniles...

A completely original animation based on the hit PlayStation® 2 title, Persona 3!

The story is based in Ayanagi City, which faces the Sea of Japan. It's a futuristic city that survived the outbreak of "Mass Apathy Syndrome" ten years ago. Shin Kanzato(17) and his brother Jun (14) meet their eldest brother Ryo (28), who is a young Chief Officer at Ayanagi City's police station, for the first time in ten years. Meanwhile, the city is facing a string of mysterious incidents. Ship crew members disappear from their underwater submarine. The Apathy Syndrome resurfaces, much like ten years ago. The Reverse case, a series of student murders, intensifies. Ryo investigates an organization involved in all of the above incidents. One of these incidents results in the awakening of Shin's Persona.

The wheel of fate begins to turn for this family of brothers.

PERSONA -trinity soul-
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