Webcomic Contest

Ends on 28 Feb 2010

The Escapist presents its first ever Webcomic Contest!

Beginning February 1st, The Escapist will be accepting submitted user-created webcomics and granting one lucky winner a grand prize of a webcomic contract with The Escapist.

If you're an artist, illustrator or talented writer and want to submit a webcomic to The Escapist's Webcomic Contest, please follow these instructions:

Style and Structure

  • You must submit one (1) single frame of logo or brand and four (4) pieces of art, totaling 5 submissions
  • All of your work must be submitted at the same time for any particular title
  • The Escapist uses the complete width of our site to provide the highest possible viewing quality, which fills the page from side to side. We would like to see a full width comic to maintain this quality, so please submit your pages as follows:

    • Single frame logo/brand should be no bigger than 300x300 (please keep it square)
    • Webcomics width must be no larger than 650 pixels
    • Webcomics height must be no larger than 1280 pixels
    • Each "piece of art" may be split into as many frames as you like but cannot exceed 650x1280
    • Please submit your work in either .png, .jpg or .gif files. If we need higher resolution work from .ai or .psd files, we will contact you

  • There are many types of webcomics, so feel free to write and illustrate anything your heart desires. From stick figure drawings to illustrated comics Marvel or DC Comics, there are millions of possibilities and can range from political satire to full episodes. Here is a short list of different types of comics we enjoy:

To Submit

To submit your comic, visit the following submission page: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/content/contests/webcomic_upload. You will be asked to enter your Logo Card and 4 images. Browse for your files and click "Submit Images", then be patient while they are uploaded and processed. If there are any errors encountered, you will be notified and asked to submit it again. If there aren't any errors, you will see a message that your images were successfully submitted. At this point, if you have not already done so, fill out the contest form below on this page with a brief description of your comic entry. This will give us a better understanding of your comic and what you are trying to portray.

What are we looking for?

The following considerations will help you create a valid submission that can be brought to the judging panel:

  • Subject - Is the subject matter interesting to readers of The Escapist? The Escapist aims to capture and celebrate the contemporary video gaming lifestyle and the diverse global video game culture, so please plan accordingly.
  • Creativity - Is it fresh and unique? No copycats please.
  • Longevity - Will this remain funny/interesting/relevant over time?
  • Polish - Give us your best, it may put you above your competition.

What are we NOT looking for?

Submission of any of the following will get your submission disqualified immediately:

  • Nudity - Just. Don't. Do. It. We beg you.
  • Copyrighted material - Stealing is naughty.
  • Sex acts (simulated or actual) - See above nudity clause.
  • Commercial advertisements - Yawn.
  • From the suits - Acts prohibited under law in any national, state or local jurisdiction in which The Escapist website may be viewed.

Shamus Young, creator of the hilarious webcomic Stolen Pixels and column Experienced Points, right here on The Escapist, thought he would help out by drawing up something he likes to call "The Guide to NOT Getting Your Comic Rejected."

After you've created your masterpiece, upload your comic on our site no later than noon ET on February 28th. Winners will be announced the week of March 1st.

General Rules

  • Webcomics submitted to The Escapist Webcomic Contest must be the exclusive property of the contest entrant and have never before appeared or been broadcast in any form anywhere.
  • The contestant hereby grants a non-exclusive, royalty free, world-wide, irrevocable, perpetual license to publish, distribute, sell, and otherwise exploit the Contest Entry in any medium to Company. The contestant retains all other right, title, and interest in the Contest Entry.
  • Minimum Quality of Entries: If, in the sole determination of the judges, no contest entry is of the quality and standard required for publication on The Escapist, then none of the entrants shall be awarded a contract, and that portion of the prize is waived. All other prizes shall still be delivered.

The Prize

A paid webcomic contract with The Escapist! The winner will then be contacted by The Escapist to negotiate contract obligations.

Please Note
Regardless of the webcomic that wins, we are looking for someone who is dedicated to creating top level content for The Escapist. In doing so, please be aware that you will be asked to create at least two (2) pieces of content a week, for the negotiated time of the agreement. If you do not feel as though you have this ability at this point in time, we hope you will support the other contestants who are ready to make that commitment and keep us in mind if a time comes when you are able to possibly join our team.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

If you want to chat about this contest with others in The Escapist community or perhaps have some questions, click here to jump to the forum thread .

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The contest has ended!

Thanks for your interest, but this contest is now over. Keep checking The Escapist for more contests and giveaways in the future.