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Issue 1
Gaming Uber Alles
Editor's Note The Mainstream is Coming!

Gaming is bigger than the box office, and has been since 2001.

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What exactly is a gamer? Jennifer Buckendorf explores this vaguely defined term with comparisons to her own gaming habits. Is she a gamer?

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Senator Deanna Demuzio of Illinois remarked that "[v]ideo games are not art or media. They are simulations, not all that different from the simulations used by the U.S. military in preparation for war." Kieron Gillen examines games as art and simulation,

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A look at HB 4023 (The Safe Game Illinois Act)

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Gamers talk about how game culture has permeated everything, but resident contrarian John Tynes is on hand to explain that when gaming is everywhere - It's nowhere.

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The first generation of gamers, the pioneers, have grown up and begun to spawn a second generation. JR takes a fanciful look at the day when the new gaming generation, including his own son, grows up and takes power.

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Are parents truly ignorant of what their children are playing these days? Joe's mom wasn't, so he decided to take a trip to the local megamart to find out if todays parents are that different than his own.

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