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Issue 12
Whatever Happened To...
Editor's Note Whatever Happened To...

A Conversation with Chris Crawford

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Spanner remembers the arcades of his youth: Dingy smoke-filled places of the lowest sort. Sadly, as the scene changed, there was no longer any place for these places, and they are now a lost, but not forgotten, piece of a single generation's childhood.

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Despite the cloud of apparent cynicism, gamers do enjoy liking stuff. Sometimes too much, and without any proof. Joe Blancato relates just one of these misguided fascinations, Red Dragon Software.

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Nintendo has a vast amount of successful, and popular, franchises, but they also have a large number of forgotten heroes. Kyle Orland looks back at some of these titles, and explores why they've been left behind.

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Spanner must have spent a lot of time in the back of the arcade. Join him as he tells the story of two underappreciated arcade games of his youth, games that still bring back fond memories.

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