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Issue 16
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"Brazil is a country of seasoned, passionate players that have chosen a different path to video game enlightenment." Spanner relates the different path that South American gaming has taken, postulating that it may actually be a better one.

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In 2001, the shooter genre was blown open by Croteam (who?) in Croatia (where?). Allen Varney spotlights this unlikely developer, and how their success portends the increased globalization of game development.

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Joe Blancato writes about the perils of outsourcing coding labor, and looks further down the road in "Outsourcing to America."

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For some, game worlds are already work. Mark Wallace looks at people making a living off others' virtual worlds, and what this could mean in the future.

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International borders are slowly being penetrated in the world of games. Hugh Duffel proffers a group of people whom we should thank for this newfound openness.

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