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Issue 184
Minority Report
Race and videogames.
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When it comes to portrayals of Latinas in videogames, most characters fall into one of three stereotypes - and none of them are particularly flattering. Christina González probes the game industry's limited perspectives of Hispanic women.

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The controversy over perceived racist undertones in Resident Evil 5 may have made Capcom seem culturally insensitive, but it's nothing compared to the Most Racist Game of All Time: Punch-Out!! for the NES.

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Game developers don't shy away from World War II's bloodiest battles when looking for inspiration, but they've skipped over one of the most significant events of that era: the Holocaust. Emanuel Maiberg ponders the long-term impact of this error of omission.

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A Native American game developer has figured out a way to create new speakers of a language in danger of dying out, and it involves a bit of clever programming. Chris LaVigne speaks with Don Thornton, creator of RezWorld, and examines how native communities are using games to preserve their cultures and traditions.

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There's one circuit of American competitive gaming where minorities are actually in the majority: fighting games. Ray Huling takes a closer look at the demographics of competitive fighting game players and what they might mean to gamers at large.

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