The Escapist Magazine
Issue 19
Griefer Nation
Editor's Note Griefer Nation

In "You Don't Know Jack," Dave Thomas profiles infamous videogame lawyer Jack Thompson and questions whether or not you need to play games to be a griefer.

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Mark Wallace returns with "The Day the Grid Disappeared," a story about a self-replicating virus that plagued Second Life's virtual world.

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Greg Tito ran into a bully in World of Warcraft, whose only excuse for harassing Greg was "Dood, its Part of the Game."

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Jim Rossignol explores EVE Online, and relates two epic stories of intrigue and betrayal in "A Deadly Dollar."

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In "Griefing for the Greater Good," Laura Genender writes about A Tale in the Desert anti-hero Mafia, who used age-old strong arm tactics in an attempt to stamp out greater in-game corruption.

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Shannon Drake is a "Jerk on the Internet," and he's happy to tell you all about it. From the mind of the enemy, to your copy of The Escapist, for your reading pleasure.

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Allen Varney writes in "Real World Grief" about the world's original griefers, those who ruined peoples' days long before games became the medium of choice.

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