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Issue 20
Generation G
Editor's Note Generation G

Mom, Dad, and three kids share the same WoW guild. Why don't we hear more about them? Allen Varney explores how gaming should be used as both a parenting tool and a bonding experience, and not as a scapegoat.

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Most 41-year-old men have respectable hobbies - ones that involve doing lots of sweaty yard work, building birdhouses or coaching little-league football. Glenn Jarrell relates his experiences as a videogame junkie where gaming isn't considered respectable.

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When visually impressive, expansive 3-D marvels consistently failed to capture his niece's interest, Spanner realized all was not well with the industry. Through his experiences introducing her to the past, he relates what he sees as critical to the next generation.

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Introducing a gaming system into a household with children can have a number of effects. Dana Massey did just this, and relates how a Gamecube gifted to his much-younger brothers brought them closer together.

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With some help from his 13-year-old niece Alex, Spanner gives us a run down of the best games to help old people get back in touch with the gaming scene and for whippersnappers to learn about games the way they used to be.

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