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Issue 222
Queer Eye for the Gamer Guy
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It's easy to feel sorry for the videogame princess: While the hero is off slaying dragons, her job is to wait around looking pretty. But one digital damsel refuses to be a victim. Brendan Main takes a closer look at the character of Sheik from The Legend of Zelda.

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Hateful name-calling on Xbox Live isn't the only kind of homophobia that gay gamers have to endure; there's also the conspicuous lack of gay characters in single-player titles. Alice Bonasio speaks with Peter Molyneux, George Skleres and Chris Vizzini about how developers can include more gay perspectives in their games.

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Traditionally, Japanese developers haven't shied away from depicting gay and transgender characters in their games. But when these titles make their way overseas, it's a different story. Andrew Webster looks at how publishers have censored gay characters for North American audiences.

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For straight gamers, videogames can often be an escape from a painful reality. But for gay gamers, videogames offer little respite from prejudice and homophobia. Robert Yang recalls his experience developing a Half-Life 2 mod featuring gay characters and the response it provoked.

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