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Issue 42
The Answer to Everything
Editor's Note The Answer to Everything

From the founding of Origin to the rise of NCsoft in the western world, Richard and Robert Garriott have been at the forefront of the games industry since its inception. Shannon Drake and Julianne Greer sit down with the masterminds to discuss the future of online gaming.

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"The revolution didn't begin with Pong, and the game explosion isn't limited to digital media." Greg Costikyan looks at the evolution of game design innovation, and where you think the next evolution in games will come from.

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"The game ticks all the boxes required by the arthouse games movement: innovative gameplay with a fresh slant on an old genre, an original graphical approach and a sophisticated, adult story and theme. So why isn't it better known?" Nick Bousfield looks at Jordan Mechner's 1997 masterpiece, The Last Express.

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The Eastern European regions are a rising force in gaming, both as developers and as an audience. Laura Bularca, a Romanian herself, discusses what it's like to be a gamer in Romania, and why it's important.

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Sometimes it's just as enjoyable talking about gaming with other gamers as it is actually playing the games. Joe Blancato takes a look at how it works at The Escapist office.

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