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Issue 48
Snow Day
Editor's Note Snow Day

How does a small shop specializing in console games transform itself into a top-tier juggernaut PC developer? Russ Pitts looks at the rise of Blizzard Entertainment, and how their unique organization allowed them to create better games.

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"After WoW, I wanted to focus on content, especially original content. There were many people, like myself, who had been there eight or 10 years and really wanted a change." Shannon Drake looks at the development studios and games created by former Blizzard developers.

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The massively-multiplayer genre has been unquestionably changed by the arrival of World of Warcraft. Michael Zenke looks at the impact WoW has made on the genre, and what this might mean for future MMOG development.

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"Twenty-seven hours later, with my right hand tightening up from mouseclaw, I finally shut down the game. I was addicted." JR Sutich explores his introduction to StarCraft.

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"I'm probably the only person in the world who aggressively dislikes Diablo II." Joe Blancato narrates his adventures in Diablo, and why they made Diablo II pale in comparison.

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