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Get Off Of My Cloud
Editor's Note Get Off Of My Cloud

"'Actually, it's an allegory of race relations in the United States - the white woman is using the brown man to keep the black man down.' Blank stares all around. I tried again." Pat Miller explores the curious reluctance of gamers to address the racial divide in You Got Your Race In My Videogame.

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"Today, though, something else separates the men from the boys in the gaming world. Those shy, skinny 16-year-olds can still conquer the beefy football players and 30-something executives ... but only if they have the real-world cash to back their characters." Laura Genender weighs in on the secondary market debate in There Goes the Neighborhood.

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"Someone asks me to change some facet of our corporate policy. The funny thing is, this policy was just changed based on someone else's suggestion. Now this new guy wants it changed back to the way it was." In My Second Job Whitney Butts examines the perils of leadership.

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"On June 1, 2006, The New York Times reported on a Chinese phenomenon called "internet hunting." A husband, who believed his wife was having an affair with a college student, posted the young man's real name to one of China's most popular message boards, along with a letter decrying the affair. Hundreds of people took up the cause of finding as much information as they could about the student, known as Bronze Moustache." In iMob Matthew Hector explores the outer limits of internet anonymity.

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"Josh Smith, a blogger, decided to conduct his own survey last December. He played for 33.9 hours on Xbox Live with the original Xbox. He recorded 641 instances of profanity during that time. The most common curse was "f***." The word accounted for 43 percent of the instances and occurred about eight times an hour." Dean Takahashi takes a look at Microsoft's corner of the online gaming world in Live Disruption.

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