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Issue 8
Dungeons & Dollars
Editor's Note Dungeons & Dollars

Which designer personally made the most money last year from games he or she designed? It was probably some guy you never heard of who wrote a shareware game you never heard of. Allen Varney looks into the world of casual games.

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Two years ago Warren Spector said "The publishers have to die, or we are all doomed" - to cheers. At GDC, Greg Costikyan ranted on the problem - and received a standing ovation. What is the problem? And is there any way to address it?

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Regardless of what anyone tells you, There's no such thing as virtual commerce. Mark Wallace explains why, even in products we call virtual worlds, the commerce is very, very real.

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Every year, dozens of gaming legends are subjected to cruel and unusual treatment in the name of profit. Dana Massey discusses the fate of these legends, who, like fading Hollywood actors, are increasingly forced into cameos for "name value."

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One of the worst effects piracy can have on the game industry is when quality titles are cancelled because a current one doesn't sell well enough. After a childhood of casual piracy, Joe Blancato relates his decision to hang up his digital eye-patch.

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