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The Equalizer 9/10
I could watch this movie over and over. It's one of those movies where the hero is so badass he doesn't need huge muscles or punchlines. Those times when a single stare and he reads the room completely, with all the players, and that last scene, turning a Home Depot into a deathtrap, just so much fun to watch the mobsters get what's coming to them. And the Zack Hemsey soundtrack was perfect. Cannot wait for the upcoming sequel.

Blair Witch (2016).

7/10. Some interesting additions to the formula, such as the camera-drone and the time-skip stuff. It also doesn't overexpose its monster, which is an error a lot of horror films make (including IT, though on the whole I enjoyed that more).

However, it becomes too intense, too fast. The real appeal of fount-footage horror is in the slow burn, building up over the full length of the film. Blair Witch reaches full-throttle less than halfway through, and felt to me like it burned itself out.

A worthy film, but not reaching the original.

The Room ?/10

Recently picked up The Disaster Artist and figured before reading it I should probably watch the movie it tells the story of. I don't know what to make of it really. It's clearly a terrible movie but strangely compelling at the same time. Tommy Wiseau is what I imagine an alien pretending to be human would be like. This is up there with Troll 2 and Plan Nine from Outer Space in the list of awful movies that are so bad they become enjoyable

Baywatch (2017) 3/10

This on the other hand is a movie that's bad and stays bad. Sure there were a couple of chuckles but nowhere near enough given the 2 hour run time

let's see. in september i've seen...

It : 7/10 not that scary, however it was good enough, and i think it's closer to the original source than the miniserie that i think is just awfull.

nine lives : 3/10 ok, i get it, he's in the cat, you really have to put the cat noise so loud during all the movie. but my kids liked it. they liked it enough to watch it 5 time in a row...

Monster truck : 5/10 meh, it's watchable i guess, again, good for kids

Captain underpants : 6/10 it's creative. the story is good enough.

ice age 5 : 3/10 oh god, why they had to do another one ! there's so many caracters now that it's a mess to follow. it's not better after 6 run of the movie...

War of the Planet of the Apes
Consistent quality from the previous film, so pretty great and balanced storytelling with plenty depth. Woody Harrelson plays the part of an antagonist that can't be reasoned with quite well too. It amazes me how we can have such well rounded, character driven high-budget movies that are still essentially about apocalyptic shotgun-wielding monkeys on horseback. A rare achievement, if I must say so myself. It's wonderful to be alive in this age of entertainment. Oh, right, yeah... recommended for almost anyone unless you have a serious issue with talking primates. Even then, this might alleviate your inner ailment.

Baywatch (2017)
Ok, this could've been worse. It isn't good by any stretch, but it isn't offensively bad. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who likes quality movies, originality, deep characters, etc etc...it's shallow all the way through, even though it pretends it isn't in that way where it shows you that one 'ugly' or 'non-typically hollywood attractive' character finally getting with their 'hot hollywood' crush character because...errm, they dance publicly when they're drunk at parties? (Only males are allowed this role, we can't have 'typically unattractive' females in main position for this, oh no!) Nevermind, everyone else is pretty in this of course.
There is another thing it does that's a regular annoyance in these types of films which is playing a popular song for about 3 seconds then switch instantly to another popular song then another for as many camera changes as there are in a given establishing scene, and it feels like you've just been not-so-subtly introduced to a Now 68 'whats hot' album for the last year in the space of 5 minutes with the accompanying sexy humans that are slapped on to these marketed noises.
Oh and Hasselhoff appears near the end to collect an easy paycheque along with a later Pamela Anderson scene that I'm sure is only an advertisement for plastic surgery nowadays. *Sigh* Other than that extensive waffle, if you like cheap entertainment, this may serve you inoffensively. Otherwise, nahhhh!

Free Fire
Cillian Murphy, Brie Larson, Sam Riley, Armie Hammer, Sharlto Copley, Michael Smiley all star in this 70's era film. It's very character driven, and the premise doesn't do the actual movie justice. For what is basically a gun deal exchange in some derelict industrial place at night starting to unravel as things go wrong, it turns into a 'group of people trapped trying to figure out how to escape their situation' setting with characters that although mostly aren't pleasant or polite, are all a joy to watch interact with each other in very tense scenes as they bounce back and forth between trying to be reasonable and batshit insane.
They aren't competent at anything they do, they fumble, they mess up, they try to talk the talk while they still can't walk that walk and all feel more human and relatable for it. Every bullet fired has a grounded weight and sound to it to the point where you almost feel like you're there with them trying to hide behind a slab of dusty concrete as they throw insults, compliments and backstory to each other. A very fun and funny experience. Go watch!

(Oops, wrote loads, sorry. Had a lot of coffee and free time today).

Well, got a few:

-Logan Lucky (6/10)

Saw this in a cinema in NZ. This film is...different. As in, it's a heist film that doesn't feel like a heist film, and while I won't spoil anything, the last 15 or so minutes of the film take a very different turn from what the genre usually provides. To be honest, I went in this expecting some kind of mix of Ocean's Eleven, The Fast and the Furious, and Gone in Sixty Seconds. I didn't get any of that. But is the film good?

Well, by my ranking, it's "above average." It's enjoyable, it's quite humorous (though a lot of the humor is referential), and I have to say, the plan relies on a lot of assumptions that certain things will happen in certain ways. So, um, yeah. It's basically a heist film/dramady. Reasonably enjoyable.

-Spider-Man: Homecoming (7/10)

Well, Marvel's done it. They've given me my new favorite MCU movie, and my #3 Spider-Man movie. Which I guess isn't saying that much, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this film. Because I have to say, this is easily the funniest MCU film I've seen, and even better than some movies I've seen this year that bill themselves as comedies. I will say that for better or worse, this is an MCU film through and through, in that if you're only here for Spidey, you're going to be disappointed - this film can't be watched in isolation from the MCU. Luckily I was familiar with the prior material, but I could see Spidey-purists walking away confused. So, characters are fun, villain is reasonably decent, etc. Strangely enough, the area where this film lags behind is in its action scenes. Oh sure, they're there, but they lack the memorability of the Rami films (e.g. the boat scene is no train scene), or the kinetic energy of the Webb films (or at least the first one). They're just...there, so to speak.

Admittedly I might be biased since I've always been partial to Spidey and all that, but at the end of the day, this movie was fun. At times, that's enough.


(Oops, wrote loads, sorry. Had a lot of coffee

...bears drink coffee? 0_0

The House (2017)
A laboured and unfunny "comedy" about a couple who get denied the university scholarship money for their daughter and team up with their best mate to convert his house into an illegal casino to win enough to put her through college. Despite two leads, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler, with outstanding comedic ability and timing they just don't gel in this movie at all and have almost zero chemistry. The film also relies too heavily on Ferrell's go-to persona of awkward dork pretending to be a tough guy for laughs (which will or won't work depending on your tastes). The films one saving grace is Jason Mantzoukas' performance as their degenerate gambler best friend, desperately trying to win back his estranged wife. The movie is at its best when it lets him take center stage.

Bottom line, if you liked Will Ferrell comedies like 'Get Hard' or 'The Other Guys' you'll probably get a kick out of this. Otherwise avoid it like the plague.


Spider-Man - Homecoming:
Solid 7/10 film.
Better than the previous two, much better than the current cartoon, but I'm too old for all the HS drama crap.

...bears drink coffee? 0_0

That's the least of your worries when it comes to our diet. Homecoming was a pretty great movie too, your young might be spared in the culling.

So, next entry:

Blade Runner 2049 (9/10)

I'll start by saying this - no, it isn't better than the original. It isn't quite as well constructed, and many times it lifts entire scenes from the original, but without the same level of gravitas. That said, it's still an excellent film in its own right, and true to the 'spirit' of Blade Runner. Think I might have a new #1 film this year. There's a lot more I can say, but honestly, people are probably dissecting this film as I speak, and a single forum post isn't going to do it justice. I will say though that I heavily reccomend seeing the original before seeing this film, and if you didn't like the original, this one isn't going to change your mind. It's a bit faster paced, but make no mistake, it's very much a slow burn film.

Random Harvest (1942) - 8/10

Romance with memory loss as the conflict. It's not very believable or deep, but pretty well done and did get some feelings out of me.

Ms. 45 (1981) - 7/10

Not as stupid as I expected. Woman gets raped twice in one day, goes crazy and goes on a murderous vengeance spree on men. It seemed misandric at first, with the ridiculous way the men were wooing her in the opening, followed by some scummy encounters and the rape, but I don't think that was the intent, especially with that ending. I was relatively entertained.

The Hill (1965) - 9/10

War prison movie with Sean Connery. About the corruption of those in charge, of the system. A classic with some great dramatic moments and pretty camera work.

Wonder Woman - 6/10

It's fine... Mediocre. It wants to be taken so seriously, and I, as someone who is not into superheroes and finds them silly, find it embarrassing for that. Why is this movie almost two and a half hours long? A shallow action movie like this doesn't need to be two and a half hours long. The middle was tedious. After that scene in the trenches, I knew nothing could hurt her. She can just CG her way through anything. The (first) bad guy's superpower-adding nasal spray was dumb. Having said that, I did enjoy it somewhat. The story was okay.

It's fucking great...go see it! Humans are tasty!

Hmmm. Yes, recommended also. I was wary going in due to not hearing anything about it and a rather generic looking box art, but happily it exceeded expectations.

The Ghoul
Ok, admittedly it ends quite abruptly, and the initial emotional response was annoyance, but it lingers in the brain long after viewing in a way that stews up an appreciation of all the ingredients involved and the work as a whole. It bills itself as a horror/drama, but there are no typical horror elements to be found and anyone looking for that will be disappointed. Consider it a neurotic twisty mystery drama with a coating of casual despair.
It feels similar to Kill List in that sense of constant unease, paranoia and dread, but different subject matter entirely. Am hesitant to recommend it to the average movie-goer looking for an easy, standard narrative because of its' intentions to confuse the viewer due to the protagonist's dubious state of mind, it does not seek to entertain and it will be quite divisive. But if you are into films as an art-form and appreciate something a bit different and mind-bending, go for it!

Wonder Woman - 7/10

Probably one of the most overhyped movies I've seen in a long time. Don't get me wrong it's decent movie but that's all it is. A decent superhero origin story.

Masters.of.the.Universe.1987 - 7/10:
I know it's 'bad', but it will always have a special place in my heart as one of those rare VHS films I actually OWNED as a kid.
It's stupid, either poorly or over acted, and...just odd. But like the original Conan films, the goofy 80s of it all only makes it more enduring the older I get.

Dave Made a Maze (2017)
The word for this one was 'refreshing'. Quite enjoyed the creativity, the set pieces, seemed like a lot of effort and care went into it, especially considering the seemingly low budget. Acting is quite funny, quirky and overall very suited to the movie, which does *not* take itself seriously at all which is perfect. It's a light watch, there's really nothing to hate about it, just something different and well put together. I would recommend to anyone. This doesn't even fit into any of my usual tastes (action, martial arts, thriller, crime, horror) and I loved it. 8/10

Spiderman: Homecoming (2017)
This was fun! One thing I noticed, maybe from mental comparison to prior Spidey movies, is that the special FX have come a long way - much more seamless and convincing here. Having said that, the fights are not as crazy as other Marvel stuff. I found Peter also rather inconsistent: sometimes he can leap away from getting struck within a millisecond, other times he just gets blindsided like a stoned fool. I mean that's not him getting used to the suit or whatever, that's his inherent skill isn't it?

Tom Holland is probably my favorite Spider Man, did a great job at looking stressed when his superhero and normal life collide. And being a young, wisecracking confident fighter, but opposite with the girls. Really what I imagined the character to be like when I read the comics. I'm so glad it's not another origin story too. Hard to find a shiner these days with all the superhero movies coming out, but this one I'd give a 7.5/10. Definitely worth watching.

Sorry to post again here, there's a couple more I been meaning to add and have been resisting mostly well, but now with heavy painkillers and alcohol running free in my bear stream, it suddenly feels like a good time to throw this damn monkey off the back, regardless of the potentially degrading quality of my wording as I go on.

Manchester by the Sea
Great acting, heartbreaking story and drama in this, but I can't quite agree with the critical acclaim it seems to have attained. Am unable to quite pin down why yet. The characters themselves are fairly uninteresting or unlikable, and it left me feeling a bit cold and unfulfilled by the time the credits rolled. The young guy is a cheating asshole, the main guy's arc is presented in a curiously dull manner, the film feels like it really wants to be something it isn't and most of it failed to click with me throughout, other than the appreciation of such talented acting and a sympathetic tragedy that does truly tug the heartstrings when it decides to appear on stage. There were a couple of honestly effective emotional scenes, but everything around those felt like the least interesting parts of these characters' lives.
As a whole, i can think of so many better attempts at deep, character-focused storytelling than this, with more memorable personalities and inspired direction. It reminds me of another critically acclaimed film which was disappointing to say the least. What was it again? Ah...

Inside Lewellyn Davis
This seemed like a garunteed win, it had all the right ingredients...a Coen Brothers film starring Oscar Isaac as a folk singer/guitarist in the 60's down on his luck, contains fully performed tracks and also there's a ginger cat on the box cover with him. Yes it's a black and white cover, but I can damn well tell these things, damnit! Oh and it's plastered with 5-star ratings to the extent that you can hardly see through to the actual picture.
The things is...the main guy is a bit of an asshole that doesn't get any character growth by the end credits, which isn't a deal-breaker as long as there's something else to appreciate, like the music, right? ...Wrong! The folk music he specifically performs is...well let's just say it isn't the best example of the genre, and the film has the cheek to tease you at the end with Bob Dylan's voice floating from within a small club, at which point i was desperately wanting to hang with him instead.
But what about the ginger cat? Surely that feline shows up for some hijinks that help bond with the characters and adds a bit of heart to the story, right? ...wrong! It gets treated like it's no more than a nuisance and mostly shunned by the humans and the film itself.
Technically, the film is produced and performed with high quality and care from everyone involved, it's just that the story and main character as a whole are cold, detatched, unsympathetic and play music that is terribly lacking on all fronts. John Goodman plays a good, but brief part as a jazz enthusiast producer with a heroin habit... would've been great to see his story, but nevermind! There was another film this reminded me of with a ginger cat and a guitarist, what was it now? Ahah...

A Cat Named Bob
This was what I hoped Inside Lewellyn Davis would be...a heartwarming true story about a cat enslaving a homeless busker with a heroin addiction and forcing him to get sober enough to prostitute into fame so the cat could have the best tuna and knitted scarves ever!
Let's get one thing straight; the real cat from the true life story plays the main part in this film, and this cat is fucking chill, not fazed by much at all in life.
Only criticism I have is the guy's songs aren't brilliant, they're not bad like the tracks from that last film, they're just a tad generic, average. But this story is about the cat! And how he becomes the catalyst for human character growth and connection. It's all performed with grace, filmed effectively and naturally a grounded story considering how intimately it follows the guy's experience and foibles. An inspiring, emotionally balanced feel-good true tail with a lovable fluffy feline, you can't go wrong there. Here are pictures of the real thing!


Phew!...not going to proof read this though, my eyes are starting to feel funny already. Sorry!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Vulgar, pointless and too fucking long. Couple of good, showy action sequences and some jokes that get old around the third or fourth time they're pressed on the audience. Most new actors are wasted in good entrances and little else. Did not care about the hero having to insert a transmitter in that girl's vagina, or the way Matthew Vaughn shot it. 4/10

Prisoners, 8/10.

The darkest film I've ever seen. Yes, the darkest. Heavier than End of Evangelion, Downfall, Schindler's List or any other film for that matter. A good point of comparison is Villeneuve's film that followed this, Sicario. It, as well, is insanely dark, nihilistic and depressing, but it still has moments of levity, even humor in it like the scene in the bar. Plus there's Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro's characters, who are always shown to be in control of the situation, never put a foot wrong, and always know what's going on. It gives the film the feeling that at least someone is going to come out of it okay, even if those characters are amoral, lawful evil/chaotic good types. Prisoners has no such levity. I don't think there's a single moment of humor in the entire film past the first 10 minutes. The subject matter is horrifying from the outset, only gets darker, and ends up downright sickening by the end. I've never seen a film where the tension only lets up during the last 3 seconds.

But as per Villeneuve's every other movie, it's also masterfully crafted. The acting, cinematography, set design, writing, dialogue, all of them top notch. It's absolutely worth seeing for Hugh Jackman's performance alone, which all by itself should have landed this film an Oscar. It's a nearly flawless movie, but so heavy and long. Absolutely worth seeing, but not a date movie.

So, is this thread still going?

Anyway, saw Thor: Ragnarok. Discussed it on the specific thread for the film, but by the rules of this thread, I'll give it 6/10.

John Wick: Chapter 2/10

Complete garbage. I give that one extra point for the brief entertaining moment it had with the other assassins. Otherwise it simply sucks. I'm amazed they still make shit like this. Terrible acting and boring action. Hardcore Henry imitated video games to the fullest which made it a familiar and fun experience to watch. This crap, however, is much more like a tool-assisted speedrun with aimhacks and AI exploits. Anyone who likes this is automatically on my shitlist for life.

I loved John Wick Chapter 2 so yay, I'm on a shit list!

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

I thought it was pretty good. Good script, solid direction, the cast was superb and it was a kinda odd experience.

The Net (1995)

While Sandra Bullock tries to act her ass out to save this film, the fact that she physically doesn't look like a person who can eat a whole large pizza by themselves in a single night hurts. By this strange opening sentence I mean, Sandra Bullocks, no matter how hard she acts, just cannot pull off looking like a loner computer programmer, no matter how good she can act like one.

The Net seems to have this problem of knowing what it wants to do, but keeps coming up short. Jack Northam just does not feel threatening as an assassin, and the film seems to have him magically teleport wherever the film needs him to be, so that he can maintain being an ineffectual threat to Bullock. The magic 1995 internet that does whatever the villains need it to do try and keep tension high seems to go to snail pace whenever Bullock needs it, yet again to force more tension.

There are good ideas in this film, though the execution of them is quite lacking. However, this film isn't horribly offensive to the senses. 5/10

Lost River (2014) - 7/10

My expectations going into this one were honestly so low that it's surprising I bothered watching it at all (my being really drunk at the time probably had something to do with it)...

...which made it all the more surprising that I actually liked it.

I mean, sure, it's as rough around the edges as you'd expect from an actor's directorial debut, but its mix of societal decay with low-key surreal fantasy really worked for me. If nothing else, it was an incredibly refreshing change of pace from most stuff coming out of Hollywood these days, that only seems to grow ever more formulaic.


John Wick: Chapter 2/10

Complete garbage. I give that one extra point for the brief entertaining moment it had with the other assassins. Otherwise it simply sucks. I'm amazed they still make shit like this. Terrible acting and boring action. Hardcore Henry imitated video games to the fullest which made it a familiar and fun experience to watch. This crap, however, is much more like a tool-assisted speedrun with aimhacks and AI exploits. Anyone who likes this is automatically on my shitlist for life.

I loved John Wick Chapter 2 so yay, I'm on a shit list!

I'm glad you're enjoying it already.

Young Frankenstein 8/10
I love this film. The only reason that I have given it such a relatively low score is because I also regularly re-watch Blazing Saddles which edges Young Frankenstein out in my eyes as the best Mel Brooks film ever made.

The jokes are spot on by themselves, but many are also wonderful (and loving) jabs at the original Frankenstein film. The pacing is excellent with only a couple of moments that falter in their steps. The acting is magnificent and the cinematography/camerawork was used very well to highlight the humor and actors.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army 6.5/10
I really enjoy this film, but I had to dock it a couple of points because it has a few flaws, especially in comparison with the first one. That said, it does hold its own fairly well. And it's final fight scene doesn't feel as anti-climatic as the one in the original did.

A Distant Neighbourhood or Quartier Lointain was the last movie I watched and I can't really give it a one out of ten rating because all I can see was that it was quite emotional and I've never been able to put emotions on scales. But anyway, I'd tentatively say it was good I guess, I did enjoy it for the most part, there were some uplifting moments. I probably wouldn't watch it again though, because it left me feeling weird. Just weird. Not necessarily sad, but it put me in a funny mood for a few hours. The ending was depressing and vague and sort of one those immutable fate things which annoyed me. I did enjoy the concept though, and I'm kind of tempted to buy the original printed version to see if it resolves things better. An interesting watch at least.

The Straight Story. One of my top David Lynch movies so far. Probably because it's not so weird.

The Thing (1982), 8/10

A true classic that holds up phenomenally. The acting, cinematography, pacing and score are all impeccable. And the effects, my God! Simply eye-popping, and this was made 4 full years before The Fly, the 80's other zenith of practical monster effects. The feeling of distrust and paranoia is so captivating that the first time I even glanced at my DVD player to see how far into the movie I was was over 2/3 into the film. You could release this movie now, and it wouldn't seem one bit dated. It works every bit as well as a claustrophobic paranoia thriller as a gory monster horror movie, and absolutely deserves all the recognition it gets.

Sabotage (2014), 4/10

I only watched this because I'd heard it's insanely gory and it'd been nagging on the back of my head for years. It's not very good. Though it is satisfyingly gory and punchy in the action scenes, mostly it's a rather boring police procedural movie. It makes little sense, and the characters are some of the most unlikable douchebag bastards seen in a movie this decade. And these are the people that the audience is supposed to side with. They're not even entertainingly cunty, just a bunch of macho, bro-y, juvenile, crass assholes (or should I say crassholes, hue hue hue) that I just wanted to get away from. Only recommended if you really want to see Arnie in a gory action movie again, and even then you could just watch Predator instead.

Wonder Woman

I enjoyed most of this film until the last forty minutes, when CGI Professor Lupin starts throwing cars around and the final fight just becomes a CGI fest, any and all tension and interest just gets lost right there and the end of the film also contradicts the lesson Diana takes from the end of the film, which is impressive. My fiancee thought it lost its way earlier at the party scene and I'm kind of inclined to agree.

Problems wise, a few things people did were either dissonant in context with the scene it was in, simply made no real sense other than to progress the story and I got no real sense for why some characters were doing what they were doing. All through the film I was just either snorting at mildly stupid things that were happening or questioning why certain seemingly obvious things weren't being done. However, there were a number of interesting characters all the way through so I could at least enjoy that element of it and the fight scenes weren't awful, though I never got a sense of danger in them.

The only scenes I disliked were the final fight and the trench run, which honestly I have mixed feelings about because I don't feel it was in great taste to have a superhero just wandering merrily through a situation that had cost thousands of solders their lives and health, it cheapened their suffering.

Overall, 6/10, OK but could have been better with a few minor changes. Remove Ludendorf's hamminess, rework the ending and lose CGI Professor Lupin and it'd be a 7.5/10.

Also saw a couple of movies at a movie night with friends.

It Follows (2014), 7/10

A very good execution of a simple idea done cheaply, but looks for all the world it could have had five times its actual budget. What's most astonishing about it is how it creates tons of suspense and nerve-wracking tension while going completely against the conventions of horror movies: most scenes are in daylight, with multiple characters present, in safe and everyday locations, there's basically no jumpscares at all and you always see the threat coming. This is a great example of a movie where the audio makes all the difference, and most of it is the score, since theres fairly little dialogue, and no big explosions or chase scenes going on. The cinematography is great, with lots of long takes and lingering wide shots, and also serves to highlight how little this film relies on conventional horror movie methods.

Tucker & Dale vs. evil (2010), 8/10

A film that was even better than I remembered, and I loved it the first time. It's essentially a slasher comedy/parody of slasher movies, shown from the perspective of the "slasher". It's absolutely hilarious and also heartwarmingly sweet. Tucker and Dale are such likable characters that you just want them to succeed, and the gory slapstick comedy is simply brilliant. The whole room roared with laughter the entire time. It's bordering on a 9/10 for me, I liked it so much.

House (1977), ?/10

A cult horror movie from Japan. I left this without a rating because I was both quite drunk and tired at this point and can't really recall that much of it. I'd seen clips of it which made it seem like an absolute extravaganza of insanity, but it was surprisingly tame and grounded in that department. Most of the insane stuff comes in the last 15-20 minutes of the film. Before that it's a rather warm drama about a group of girls moving into the titular house with an older woman in the countryside. From there it's a slowly unraveling mystery and from then on my memory's a bit hazy. I'd recommend it though, as both a curiosity and a time capsule of 70's japanese cinema.

Logan, 9/10.

I bought the blu-ray which had the black and white version and watched that. I honestly think this is the best superhero film-- no, scratch that-- film based on a superhero property of this decade, possibly all time. It looks gorgeous in black and white, and every good thing that shined about it on release still shines like a diamond. The final scene between Logan and Laura is simply heartbreaking. It's a god-fucking-damn masterpiece, and I'm so glad it did well at the box office. Though upon rewatch the amount of times Logan passes out and awakens at a new location is almost comical.

Blade 2. 3/4. Solid action movie, hilariously (and endearingly) dated by its edgelord leather, shades, and 'tude aesthetic. Unlike the previous movie in the series, the CGI effects impressively manage to not date the movie.

Blade Runner 2049, 8/10.

Long and exhausting, beautiful yet lifeless. Very, very "adult" so that the little action in the movie feels Tense and there is no humor and only a few moments of levity in its runtime. Not for the easily bored. Zimmer's score rumbles the seats.

Final Portrait (4/10)

...what the fuck did I just watch?

Here's some quick points:

-This would have worked much better as a stage play. There's only three locations of note in the film, and the spaces are so enclosed, I think this would easily work on stage.

-Lack of any proper structure. I understand that real life doesn't follow classic story structure, but if Giacometti's final days don't follow classic story structure, maybe rethink your adaptation? This did come from a short story after all. It's telling that the film just comes to an abrupt stop.

-I can't sympathize with Giacometti due to the same reasons I disliked 'A Quiet Passion'. The "poor struggling artist" trope can be done well - I've seen it be done well - but neither film does it well. It makes both of them come off as entitled, arrogant shits.

-Pacing is slow...slow...drags...slow...not that a slow pace is a bad thing in of itself, but it is if you're not filling it with interesting things.

So, it's bad. It might be the worst movie I've seen this year, because while there's been films that have irritated me more this year, they at least understood how story structure works.

Happy Death Day 7/10

So yes, I went to see two movies in a row because I had two tickets that were going to expire and I couldn't get anyone to join me. Then again Blade Runner would've been an awful date movie. This one however...

Well-paced, well-shot and written with enough awareness to keep a casual watcher surprised and who knows entertain even the frequent movie-goers. The plot is thick - I'd say it turns on it's head a bit - but there is good setup and all in all Happy Death Day was a lot of fun. I do have one bigger gripe with the movie:

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