You like THAT?!

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the December King:

And yes, I'm, from, Hal-i-fax!

... gold.

Just watch out for the Dreadhawk.

Ponies, straight up.
I'm a martial arts/self defense instructor, weight lift, drink boiling whiskey and wrestle alligators. Yet I love me Pinkie's Smile song.

On the opposite end, something people assume I like but don't, MMA and boxing. Its just gratuitous violence and gives bad ideas about how to fight to kids and fans alike. Don't ever ever watch an MMA match and assume that's what any street fight will be like.

You are wrong about boxing. I've boxed for about 5 years, and it was honestly the best stress relief I ever had. It increased my confidence, motivated me to get fit, and overall just made me happy. That's to say nothing of the guys I met whom really benefited from boxing - the ones with anger issues, low-level criminal records etc, who were kept on the straight and narrow by boxing.

Boxing gave me the best idea about fighting outside the gym - that I shouldn't. We live in a world of knives, guns, gangs, etc. No martial arts will save you from those. Best way 'win' in a street fight is to never get into one.

As a martial arts instructor, I'd expect you to be the last person to dismiss a martial art/combat sport (however you wish to define boxing) as 'gratuitous violence'.

Anyway, on topic: similar kind of deal. Boxing and rugby are very much seen in Britain as manly mans man sports. Watching s show about colourful cartoon ponies (and reading the vastly superior comics) doesn't really gell well with that. Really, the fact I like cartoons seems to conflict with what a lot of people expect.

I really don't see any particular proof that there is epic hatedom to anything I like. More to the point, my tastes can vary widely, so I couldn't possibly tell if the surprise is natural or just because you had no way to know.

One More: I love Less Than Jake

Boarders and Boundaries is is good an album as Rush's Fly By Night

Well, bit of a flipside for mine.

At work, we run our own online newspaper that me and some other people occasionally review movies on.

Now this other guy, is like the definition of a fanboy. His reviews without fail consist of 'I thought it was awesome, people be hatin' , can't wait for the next one'

I think it reached its peak when he reviewed Transformers: The Last Knight and gave it an 11/10. Like seriously, I get opinions and that but a fucking 11/10 for a Bayformers movie? WHY. WHAT DRIVES IT.

Here's the review, if you can stomach it...

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