Can someone help me find the name of this old cartoon?!

I remember a lot about it but none of the details I google produce any useful results.

It was essentially one of those bargain-bin, poorly translated Soviet era cartoons that had really weird but intriguing animation.

The main characters are a group of anthropomorphic animals such as a rooster with a trumpet who I think might be the captain of the guard for a castle, a drifter cat, and a female dog. The rest of the cast (except for a goat and ram) are human. It starts off in a castle (that the rooster is stationed at) where a gypsy(?) couple with magical powers and a horse-drawn carriage kidnap a princess. She is later discovered in a barrel by the animal trio but a spell cast on her by the gypsy couple has turned her into an ugly street urchin to reflect her personality.

Not believing that she is a princess but recognizing that she has been kidnapped all the same they bring her along with whatever it was that they were doing or wherever they were going. At one point they hire a goat to buy medicine for the girl in an attempt to break whatever spell she is under but the goat stumbles upon the woman who cursed the princess in the first place and requests an elixir for beard growth and it turns out exactly as one would expect.

Towards the end they encounter a minstrel ram near a lake who sells them a pair of slippers capable of reversing the spell but they only work because of the gradual improvements to the princess's behavior and personality.

P.S. The wife of the criminal couple (does gypsy count as a racial slur?) allows her husband to drown in quicksand.

Does this sound even remotely familiar to anyone?

The Bremen Town Musicians?

The Bremen Town Musicians?

You seem to be onto something there but none of the images I find resemble the cartoon in any way which had a very realistic style (even if the movement was not). I forgot to mention that the animals were humanoid and all wore clothes.

Was this an American cartoon?

Was this an American cartoon?

Do you have something in mind?

I am 90% sure that it was from a Soviet Bloc country (if that is remotely the correct term)as it had a similar style to some of the more Eastern European and Russian cartoons my parents bought from the VHS bargain bin. At the same time however they bought a few Japanese ones such as the cartoon adaptations of the Brothers Grim which this particular cartoon does not resemble.

I found it!

I would like to say that it was found through some intelligent internet sluething but in reality it was on my parent's shelf in plain view.

It is called "Friends Are Forever: Tales of the Little Princess" - Poland, 1986

Thanks for the help anyways.


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