Your favorite music of the last decade

What are your favorite bands/songs/artists/albums/EPs/whatever of the last decade (2008-2018)? I'm asking mainly because I need validation for my weird indie music taste I'm completely out of the loop when it comes to most music. Also to piss off AT. If you're going to post more than one YouTube link, can you please use spoiler tags.

I don't think I've gotten into any new band of the current era in years. Last thing I 'discovered' was Matchbox Twenty towards the end of last year, and its been great, but they're like 30 years old now.

A friend tried to get me into K-Pop and it just wasn't happening. We went through 5 tracks before I realized they were different songs by different artists - to me they sounded so similar I thought it was just one long rave song.
Modern music just doesn't do anything for me. I don't think its worse than say classic rock, but it just doesn't have the lasting power to me.
Like is anyone really going to a One Direction concert when the kids are in their 80s? 'cause I was just at a Pink Floyd concert and those guys ain't spring chickens.

I did listen to that new Childish Gambino song, and it was kinda cute, but having never heard of him before I don't know if Gambino was the guitar player or if its the stage name for Glover. Also the Call Me Maybe cut of that song was way funnier than the actual video.

New music, I suppose would have to go to Synthwave. Someone on here introduced me to it, and I think they probably found it from hotline miami. I prefer the end that is basically dark 80's themed electro-house.

It also turns out that oldschool hard acid techno has been picked up again by the kids and termed acidcore, so I can listen to new music and pretend it's still 1995.

Other than that I pretty much listen to the same artists I did 20 years ago, whether it be new or old releases.

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Strung Out (older, but still active) , The Struts. Starset, Ghost.

I do listen to stuff outside of that sort of rock/punk mold, but can't think of too many consistently in the modern era.

Picking up newer stuff is kind of a crapshoot with how nonsensical recommendation apps or whatever are with tags. Listening to classic rock for instance, will just regurgitate endless recommendations from the same time period, rather then any sort of newer acts that are in the same genres (Greta Van Fleet, the Killers, the Struts, Black Keys, and whatnot).

Probably the biggest hurdle I have picking up hip hop is I'll dig a song or group, but any attempt to move past that just dumps back into the generally awful spectrum of popular hip hop from around the same period (Hip Hop unfortunately, while it can have some great stuff, also lends itself to horrible stuff very readily).


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