Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Trailer

Looks neat. The animation kinda looks like stop-motion sometimes, but, otherwise, it looks great. I'm already loving Miles, his dad is one of the best fictional dads ever, and I'm glad to see Spider-Gwen.

Peter's kinda lookin'... homely. I bet he's actually Ben Reilly.

Yeah the CGI has a neat claymation look to it. And I was't expecting Spider-Gwen to pop up, especially is what looks like an early scene in the film. Figured they'd be saving most of the multi-verse stuff for the sequels

Gorgeous looking.

But why Peter sounds and looks like the dude who killed Uncle Ben I don't know. I mean, it adds to the humor, but its also weird.

I wonder how multi-verse they're planning to get? Especially if they're following Miles' origin in the comics. I want to see Spider-man Noir, always thought he looked cool.

Looks pretty fantastic. It's nice to see a CGI animated movie that isn't just the same old Pixar/Disney style. It kinda feels like what Disney did with Paperman, except someone else finally made a movie out of it. The lower framerate also means this movie is probably a bit cheaper to produce.

I like that Peter's a bit of mess, he's obviously older and not in the best place in his life.

It's nice they can use this as a platform to explore some of the weirder and less well known aspects of Spider-Man. Animation is always a good medium for that.

Looks better than Homecoming, that's for sure.

The art direction on that looks amazing. Like, if you asked me if different frame rates for different pieces of animation in the same frame would look good before I saw that, I'da laughed at you.


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