Anyone watching the Netflix series Hilda

I personally thought it was good, if you want something cozy and fun I highly recommend it.

I'm watching it too. I read the graphic novels too (except for the latest one; my library didn't have it), and while I prefer them a bit, the Netflix show is still tons of fun.

Also: major kudos to them for giving a character a genuine Swedish accent and not the sorta Scottish one that Anglophone shows usually pretend is Scandinavian.

I still need to finish it at some point, but from the episodes I've watched, I really enjoy it a lot. Tons of fun. Really wanna check out the books they're based on

Nope but it's on my list for when I have free time. Looks comfy as hell.

Yeah, I watched it about a month ago. Its pretty good. I've seen it getting mad props but I dont think its as good as something like Star vs the forces of evil or MLP:Friendship is Magic.


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