The Rumors were True. Youtube is now on the Switch

I have to admit, I'm happy with this. But after downloading it and seeing how it works normally... Yeah, I'm left asking what is this for?

This september I went to Florida to visit family. Older family members who don't have much use for the internet. So my switch was an obvious Godsend When I wanted to watch netflix or whatever, I had my phone. When I wanted to game, I had my switch. Hell, I'd listen to something funny while gaming. All the fun in the world to have.

But as far as I know, there isn't a LTE Nintendo Switch (unless that's what the upgrade is, and then Day One Purchase). So, in situations like I was in not just staying at my family's, but not trusting public internet that I wouldn't even connect to the Fly-fi... What good does this really do? I'm glad to have another feature, but I'm trying to construct a practical situation for this and I'm coming up empty.

What, I would tether my switch to my phone or wifi to have an one inch bigger screen? Why? I got my computers and tv. In a case of emergency, I can easily tether my laptop or tablet to my phone as I could my switch. Again, this feature seems like it would be more worth it if the Switch had it's own data connection instead of depending on wifi.

I'm giving Nintendo a bit more credit for stressing the Game features more. But that doesn't ignore the fact that there were other things they could do. Like have a Nintendo based cart that could read your own video files. I might not always have net services, but my digital downloads are mine to use whenever.

To sum up, I'm always happy to have new features on my Switch. I love my Switch. It has actually outstripped my gaming laptop that I got last year for my choice in gaming entertainment. But I'm just trying to find practical uses for this and I'm coming up empty.

To be fair, I should also mention I'm one of those rare people who prefer docked mode. So your mileage might vary.


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