Avengers' Endgame

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No probs. Just fire up the genocide machine again once the universe has repopulated.

Isn't the Infinity Gauntlet kinda busted now? IIRC, after he does the snap, it's left broken, or smoking, or something like that.

Eh something something comics. Works for everything.



Also killing half of all bacteria kills life. Straight up, that's the end of all life as we know it everyone, full stop. Thanos ended life completely, and its just lazy writing that no one noticed.

Bacterial growth is so fast that if half of it is wiped out, it'd get back to the initial value before anyone even really noticed. You remove or kill large percentages of your skin bacteria every time you take a shower, and most of it is back by the end of the day. You kill huge amounts of your mouth's bacteria with a good mouthwash gargle, and a few hours later it's like not much ever happened.

Like for instance if you killed half the plankton in the sea (and nothing else), at worst a few fish and whales and so on will go a bit hungrier for a day or two.

Wouldn't killing half of all the gut bacteria in you prevent you from digesting food? Likewise bacteria is needed for plants to grow, so wouldn't kill half of that either prevent new growth or worse kill off seeds?
And across all species, everywhere? How long can for example bees go with half bacteria? You and I as more complex organisms may survive, but less complex? Wouldn't they die very quickly and effectively decimate entire ecosystems across the galaxy?


Methinks the mistake they made, myself included, is that they assumed people were already aware of the comicbooks' storyline direction and how easily everything can, and often is, undone. And that they intend to adapt these very comic books all the way through. It's surprising how many people aren't aware of this, as I have never read any them at all yet have absorbed enough through classic cultural osmosis to understand how it generally plays out and where it's sort of heading. Yet people treat this infinity war saga as if the source material doesn't exist or marvel is just supposed to give up a fraction of the way through the original plot direction cause a specific ending felt better than the rest.

I'm of two minds on this. On the one hand, fair enough that people don't know the comic and maybe Marvel assumed people would know btter or whatever, but even in the MCU, they've been bad at killing people off for realsies. It gets worse if you consider the Netflix shows and such, because even perpetual buttmonkey Phil Coulson was promod as returning for Agents of SHIELD, so no spoilers there. Some villains have returned and they're the most likely to die off in a movie, so I have trouble with this whole "dead for good" thing even within the continuity.

Even if there was no source material to go on, I'm just not sure I would take it as read that these folks were dead for real. Maybe some of them, but especially not the people we already knew would have movies going forward. Death tends to not hit major characters in the MCU, or it doesn't hold. I suspect part of this is specifically how much money the characters are worth, but it creates a believability problem. Not so much a problem for me, because I share crazygirl's opinions on the death scenes of characters and whatnot, but in terms of this idea people think this might have "stakes" or whatever.

Like, the Holland scene is heartbreaking, whether or not you believe it's a final moment.

I feel the same way with Doctor Who, where the character's continuation is written right into the show. Since 2005, the show has written them to be big and momentous occasions, ones which will ideally tug at the heart. I knew Tennantwas replacing Eccleston before the show finished airing, and they did similar with Smith and Capaldi and when it's Whittaker's turn we'll likely know a year in advance she's leaving and who will replace her six months after that, but that scene...if it's done well, it won't matter. It won't even matter if the Doctor makes a return appearance, a la Baker or Tennant or..."Hartnell", because there will always be that moment.

It depends on the type of program, but the MCU's been rather loose with death this entire time, which is almost as good as writing it in explicitly. It's part of the genre, but not a part you need to be genre-savvy to pick up on. Flash has been bringing back people (and sometimes killing them off) since season 2, so when you see someone come back, it's no big deal. Granted, I think the Arrowverse has killed off more heroes than the MCU, too.

There's never been anything quite like the Decimation, so there's that, but it's still within the Disneyverse of "more people have died for real in Star Wars than MCU" territory. If one of them just popped up (Force Ghosts don't count), that would be out of character. But Marvel can undo death and mess with time and all that stuff.


Thanks, I really needed that.

Gave me a chance to watch it again, too, so it works all around. XD


Bacterial growth is so fast that if half of it is wiped out, it'd get back to the initial value before anyone even really noticed.

Wouldn't killing half of all the gut bacteria in you prevent you from digesting food?

No. In fact, killing ALL the gut bacteria would make you considerably less efficient at digesting food, but it still wouldn't remotely kill you (unless you couldn't eat more). Killing half might not even be noticeable. Keep in mind that we kill a lot more than half of the gut bacteria any time we go on an antibiotic regimen. You probably poop out more than half of your gut bacteria every time you #2. Agema is right; killing half of a population is a setback for a generation, and a bacterial generation is short.

Now, if Thanos' algorithm decided that mitochondria are living beings in their own right... A lot of other deeply symbiotic life forms might have serious issues, too.

On the other hand, what if the algorithm just decided that wiping out a given human and all its biota counted against the biota in another human? Then, no effect whatsoever.

...We are severely overthinking this.

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