Favorite Band names you've come up with

One of my favorite memes of all times is "That's a great band name".

I don't know why. The idea tickles me. In Jakeyjakey's thread about being given power over an alien civilization, I haphazardly came up with the band name "Benevolent Kaijus". And it's my favorite Band name I came up with all year.

Anyone else do this? Any good ones recently?

... We would be a Drum and Bass/Hip-Hop hybrid, in case you were wondering...

Eloquent Cavemen was one, but not one I'd personally use because am the type of annoying asshole that would probably grow fed up of seeing it within a short time.
Pope Francis and the vampire choir? Necromatic enablers? Non-euclidean puppetry? Psychosomatic vice? I stop now?
There's a band kinda local to my area called "The Iain Duncan Smiths" (a conservative politician here, the butt of a few jokes over the years) where each member does their best lookalike of him. It's...a novel one.

Some Ideas:

Ghost Lizards - rock/alternative
Laser Phaser - nerd-core
The Be-Cools - pop/electro/dance
Slyme - gothic rock and horror-core
Wyrwolf - heavy metal

Feel free to use any of these, I'm not using them for anything.


Because someone had to post it.


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