What are some alien species from media that interest you?

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It would be really fun to have a predator movie but about the rest of their society who views the hunters and just the backwards rednecks of their species.

Someone's been watching Movie Bob.

That said, while I actually like the idea of yautja who don't follow the Hunt (and I'm not talking about Bad Bloods), I really dislike this idea - the idea that every yautja we've seen is the equivalent of a 'red neck.' It basically anthropomorphizes the yautja. Humans certainly hunt for sport as well, but as a species, we're not based around it, and hunting for sport is often frowned upon. Having the yautja follow a similar paradigm robs them of their alienness.



I like the in-universe explanations. That said, I think ascribing it to laziness is a bit simple. It's hard enough to build a single culture from the ground up, let alone multiple cultures. And when you consider that a lot of media has a set running time (e.g. films, movies), it's even more difficult.

It's something I've noticed as well, but a lot of the time, I wouldn't ascribe it to laziness.

I do watch movie bob but I mostly got the idea from Predator College.



Between the mix of sci-fi and the macabre, I?ve always been partial to the Borg from Start Trek, at least until they introduced the Queen who was a prototypical villain and removed most of the ambivalence and mystery from the species.

I want to know why for a species that is apparently constantly striving for perfection, The Borg have settled for spaceships that have barely functional lights and are full of steam. Not to mention that The Borg themselves seem to have stuck with a clunky cyborb design that seems to be from 1970-something. I know its to make them seem intimidating and scary, but surely sterile white rooms with drones that look more like humans or aliens (depending on who they've assimilated) with slight visable cyborb enhancements. That to me would make The Borg seem more scary than what they went with.

Maybe I've over thought this.

Ah, therein lies a good chunk of what makes them so intriguing! See, to your puny, barely evolved mind, "perfection" includes an aesthetic quality. No, NO! The Borg cannot be bothered appealing to things as paltry and pointless as aesthetics; they are machines, and machines have no use for emotional drivers. Perfection is knowledge. Perfection is power. Perfection is efficiency. Perfection is objective. They either completely and utterly dismiss your entire civilization like a mere drop in the celestial ocean, or you're assimilated, the cold, clinical, calculated process wherein you, a slab of meat, are forced into the Collective, a new, greater whole... And more chilling, the Borg weren't, technically speaking, "evil," no more evil than you or I are when we test fresh produce before making it into a salad. Vegetables ARE a form of life, but we consider them so much lesser than what we deem to be sentient life; they are things, beneath us, as the Borg would consider you or I.

Then they added the Queen, and suddenly the Borg became a collective of mindless drones spearheaded by a prototypical, emotional villain. Then Voyager added species 8472; now, not only were the Borg robots being run by a turbo bitch, they'd finally met their superior. Nah, I prefer them at their apex during the TNG when they, save for the Q, were the king ding-a-lings of the universe and their presence sent ships (futilely) scattering like roaches with the lights coming on.


lol JMS, back when he was getting Babylon 5 off the ground (pardon the pun), swore that he wasn't going to have "Star-Trek-style" aliens in HIS show! Nosirree! No prosthesis glued onto an actor's nose and calling it an alien! They were going to be done properly!

"Then we had to start producing the show on a weekly schedule . . . . . .Yeah, we had to make nose prosthesis aliens." - JMS (paraphrased)

If it's that much of a fight just to get the appearances down for a show, then it's no wonder that the culture that the viewer gets to see gets developed over the course of multiple seasons on any show.

Have to say, B5 does have pretty good makeup, especially for its time. Like, sure, you get the centauri, but you have stuff like the narn, vorlons, and Shadows, looking and/or sounding completely alien. Far more than Star Trek's approach of "here's a guy with pointy ears, alien!"

Also, as you touch on, B5 has the benefit of being set with a relatively small group of species that we get to see developed, whereas Star Trek has many one-off species that barely get to be developed.

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