Trying to reach Escapist editorial staff

To start off with, hello again to the Escapist forum. I've been away from the forum since the site originally started falling apart last year, and I doubt I'll be around again very often until things are fixed/migrated over to v2. Regardless, I've popped on to post this on the forum because I have no idea where else to put it (and if there's a better subforum than this, I can't see one).

Actually, I'm not even sure how to put this, either, so I'll just give the TL;DR:

Over a month ago, I sent off an article/column pitch to the Escapist, after being personally encouraged to do so by the site's official Twitter account, but despite the submission guidelines stating at the time to expect a response within 10 days (for some reason, this particular line is no longer there. Hmmm...), I never did. Even my follow-up e-mail was met with complete radio silence.

A rejection would be understandable, but just being ignored like this for more than a full month is disheartening, to say the least.

Anyway, the reason I'm posting this here is that I can't find any way to contact anyone who might be able to clarify things for me, especially with Russ currently taking a sabbatical from Twitter. Ideally it would be somewhere less public, since I'm not trying to shame anyone, but my e-mails to the submission box were both ignored and I can't find the personal e-mails of anyone from the site. So really, I'm just acting on the preposterously slim hope that someone with the ability to pass some info along will see and read this.

I'd just appreciate an explanation as to why I never heard back, is all.

Russ has taken leave from I think a couple of qeeks ago. Probably dont expect much for the next few weeks

I knew he'd stepped away from Twitter but didn't realize there was no one at the wheel of the entire site right now.

Your best bet is probably reaching out to Kyle

I don't know if he can answer your question but he can probably point you to who can if he can't.

Thanks for the info, Tippy. I'll reach out to him either tonight or tomorrow.

Self-identified "hamster" Steve has been running the show for awhile now, but I think his Scitter profile said he's working on a backlog of banana chips.

I'm less familiar with the inner workings of the Escapist than forum regulars, I guess. Who's Steve?

I'm less familiar with the inner workings of the Escapist than forum regulars, I guess. Who's Steve?

An in-joke.

Ah. I will refer you to my "I haven't been on the forum since the site started breaking last year" comment above.


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