If You Won A HUGE Sum Of Money...What Weird Thing Would You Do?

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Buy a few republican senators and make them vote with the democrats.

Gigantic container ships. Malaccamax, at least... outfit a small army and create a micronation that makes money from smuggling goods. You can buy Maersk Triple E-class bulk carriers for 185 million each.

Lufia Erim:

Oh, the other thing I've wanted to do since I was a kid was to have a whole house made of cheese. Then hold a party where we eat the cheese.

Okay , there has to be a story behind this.

I wish there was, but no, I just really like cheese.

I'd buy this site for the lulz, just to see everyones reaction.

I would pay everyone to quit hassling me.

Probably buy my own island where I (and maybe a few close friends) can live without being hassled by the world.

I'd also donate a quarter of it to various charities and hold on to the rest in case I need anything else.

Just quit my job focus on studying different languages and travelling the world, that what I would like to do, I'd also start wearing nice clothes and I would hire someone to do my hair so that it can be gorgeous since it's currently kind off a mess.

I'd also get organized with my friends and take them wherever they want when it's time for vacation, even if it doesn't involve me, like for example paying for an all expenses paid family trip for one of my friends and such things just because I appreciate them, as well as for my parents. I'd probaly also give a hand to my brothers but I don't think I would like to help them much because all of them pretty much depend on them and still live with them, which would be fine if they helped out financially but only one of them works and he spends most of his money on himself, like I wouldn't leave them in the cold if they were on serious trouble but they would need to prove they can be responsible, I basically never studied because I needed to work to maintain them and the best thing I've done was moving to another city so I can struggle by myself without the temptation of helping them out so it would be detrimental to throw them a bone when they are practically parasites.

However I may do an exception with my sister if she agrees to get herself into re-hab and resumes her painting career since I do have faith on her but I know she has some serious problems.

Other than that I'm very stupid and naive so I'd probably try to fund some sort of charity or organization so I can help out people in need, however I do have beef with drug dealers and gangs so it might not be a good idea to acquire power when I know I'd go off on those people because I hate them, they're scum.

I don't know I don't have a clue what I'd do, and to be fair it would never happen I'm just a wage-slave as Shadowrun would put it so there's no point stressing over it since it's unlikely that would ever happen to me.

I'd dump most of it into researching the digitization of consciousness and cybernetics.

Build a giant statue like they do in China and India of something. I dunno what of. Solid Snake maybe. I'd build a 200 meter high Solid Snake. That you can't go inside or go to the top of. Every day at at 12am and 12pm it yells METAL GEAR!? at whatever the highest volume I can legally be allowed to.

Hire a team of elite psychologists and psychiatrists and grant them all the resources and facilities they need to figure out just what Hideo Kojima's deal is.

I'd fund a bunch of historical dramas based on events I think would make good movies. 'Walt Disney's Snow White' would be one of them, the making of Snow White and everything around it would make for a fine movie.

Iron Dawn, based on the book of the same name, would be a movie about the battle between the Monitor and Merrimack during the Civil War, there are a lot of interesting things surrounding that and the battle itself has both drama and humor in it.

Just two of my ideas but history is full of so many fascinating and dramatic things that are dying to be made into movies.

Start a worker self-directed enterprise of some kind. For idle hypothetical questions, the particulars matter less than the broad concept.

Buy a small private island somewhere where I can live far away from all the world's BS.

Furry porn, from every single artist online that ever opened a commission slot.

On a more serious note though, I'd build an arcade with in-house developed games, utilizing big props, simulated battlestations and all kinds of tech to make the games physically and materially immersive.

How would you like to play a game of "world of tanks" wherein you and two or three buddies actually man a cockpit together, sounds, motions and viewports informing you of what is going on "on the outside" and what other players are doing to you?
It'd be so rad.

I'd get the boring stuff out of the way - holdings account, safe investments, buy a nicer apartment, friends and family get their cut - and then go on a massive holiday travelling the world at leisure.

I would invest in weird nerdy things like Fusion Reactors, giant telescopes, and SpaceX.

The only thing I'd ever really thought of if I had a ton of money is my own home in Aruba. Best place I've ever been (Paris too but for different reasons and I'd rather visit there while I'd live in Aruba).

Buy the rights to the Muppets and Sesame Street and do my damnedest to get my favorite movies, like Django Unchained, Mad Max: Fury Road, Gangs of New York and (original)Robocop redone (shot for shot, word for word) with muppet and Sesame Street characters.

Y'know, I bet that can be arranged! If Sean Baker can film Tangerine on 3 Iphone 5(S) you can probably do this yourself. Any local amateur theaters near you where you could get volunteers to help?

EDIT What the... image

Assuming we're talking about a HUGE sum - like, UKP100 million or more...

1) Obviously, I'd use a chunk of it for enjoyment - better house (potentially several houses), holidays, etc. But...
2) Educational charity:
a) Further education assistance for adults who otherwise can't afford to retrain or pursue postgraduate studies
b) Scholarships for gifted, underprivileged schoolchildren to undertake degrees (I'm less interested in this because there is already plenty of support here)
3) Fund research. Probably my own, if I continue working my job. And I'd probably try to work more on my terms.

It really depends on what "huge" means here.

US$1 Million after tax: Pay off all our debts (~$500,000), remainder downpayment for a another house or short term savings.
$5M: Same as 1M, except buying the house outright and going part or full time back to school for an MBA.
$20M: Same as $5M, remainder in IRA or index fund
$50M: Same as $20M, half of remainder in index fund, other half in either real property investments or low-to-medium risk stock purchases depending on status of market.
$100M: Same as $50M, $1-5m in local specified non-profits, quarter of remainder in index fund, quarter in real property, quarter in low-to-medium risk investments, remaining quarter in venture capital.
$250M: Same as $100M, non-profits upped to $25m, substantial real estate investments.
$.5B: Same as $250m, non-profits upped to $50m, assist in state-level progressive lobbying and campaign assistance.
$1B: Same as $.5B, non-profits upped to $100m, spearhead federal-level progressive lobbying and campaign assistance.
$5B: Same as $1B, start influence firm using Internet Research Agency tactics to counter right-wing propaganda (and replace it with my own)
$10B: Same as $5B, $5B to R&D on technological solution to climate change
$20+B: Same as $10B, $10B to create extra-jurisdictional organization to more aggressively counter right-wing extremists, remainder to R&D on technological solution to climate change.

Fundamentally, the formula comes down to personal security -> income generation -> charities -> politics, with an emphasis on effectiveness.

I'd put it all into an animation studio. One that paid true professional wages, and included a technical research center for innovations in animation, such as perfecting a technique to scan models with photogrammetry into CG models, choreographing the CG through action scenes, and then use some kind of digital rotoscoping to trace over the CG to give them a look of traditional drawn animation. I also think there's possibilities in using machine learning to automatically draw "filler" frames for character model movement, at least for simple ones, where you could maybe only draw, say, 10 frames in a running animation, and the algorithm will fill in 20 more in between them, which would only require relatively light touch ups, so you ultimately either save time on animation, or you do the regular job and are able to supplement it with the extra frames for improving the smoothness the overall animation.

I'd start with licensed adaptations, to ease into the business. My top list of properties I'd want to adapt (although not necessarily in this order):

1) Wheel of Time (obviously with a lot of cuts out of the source material)
2) Metroid (I think there is really fertile ground for a dramatic storyline of Samus dealing with PTSD, with fun action sequences with her list of suit powers)
3) Red Harvest (an old Dashiell Hammett story of a detective being hired to rid a corrupt town of crime, and doing so by playing off the various factions into destroying each other, culminating in open street warfare; it was the inspiration for Yojimbo and in turn for A Fistful of Dollars, and to this day I can hardly believe that it's never received a direct, faithful adaptation. Out of all the things that Hollywood mines for ideas...)
4) Shadowrun (the setting is the favorite part of almost everybody who plays it, and is more than merely well suited for episodic stories; I'm thinking of a nontraditional cast structure, something like 8-10 "main" characters, but only 4-5 are featured on a given episode and there's no set group, so main characters revolve into and out of episodes, and you have constant different character dynamics)

When the studio is safely established, I'd move into developing original stories:

1) a war drama focused on fighter jet action, which is the main impetus for the digital rotoscoping technique I outlined above. At the time I thought this up 5 or 6 years ago, I hadn't yet been satisfied with CG vehicle action sequences in otherwise regular drawn animation, but in the past couple of years major strides have been made to integrate the CG better; Voltron looked pretty good by the end of its run, and there's been a couple other things I can't remember off the top of my head that I consider to be done well enough, so perhaps I'd drop that idea unless I thought there'd be significant cost savings or quality gains. The story would pretty much be an Ace Combat plot in anime form, I am unashamed to say, although I'd aim less for the kind of young adult anime tone that the games are based on for something more grounded and dramatic.

2) a vaguely Legend of Korra inspired adventure story, only the magic is based on music. How the mechanics of that would work I've never bothered to figure out, it's mostly just an excuse to directly incorporate music into the action and to showcase different musical styles and genres. In addition to the standard classical and popular musics of Western tradition, I'd want to incorporate international folk music, such as Indian. It'd be a more idealistic narrative than most of the other stuff I'd want to do. Not to appeal to kids, although I admit that its this original idea that would most likely have mass appeal, but because I think it's genuinely good to occasionally indulge in comforting idealism. Although not simply empty sanguinity. Being good is at times very hard. And I have plans to really put the main character through the ringer.

3) a quasi time travel story involving a bunch of great heroes from history banding together into a sort of A-Team that acts against a dark primeval force that attempts to breach reality across different time events. However, I specifically want to choose a team that represents a broad representation across geography and time. I know that there are pricks who'd cry about "forced diversity", but I genuinely love the sheer breadth of human history and civilizations, and it did not all take place in a lineage from the Greeks to modern Western Civilization. I'd specifically want the chosen characters to have different cultural values, and explore their interactions as a major theme. I also want the chosen figures to not come out of the A-list of history, so to speak. Not Nelson or George Washington or Pericles or Yi Sun-sin or Genghis Khan or the like. Obviously that's relative from person to person, but ultimately I'm gonna choose the people I want, and they're not going to be the biggest movers and shakers of the historical record. And lastly, I want to try to avoid historical people who, although they existed, are mostly mythical figures, such as Gilgamesh.

My list at this moment:

Hiawatha of the Iroquois Native Americans as the leader
The Great Peacemaker, also of the Iroquois, as the team's spiritual advisor and the one whose "magic" is what calls the heroes across time and space
William Marshall, 1st Earl of Pembroke, of 12th century Britain, who rose from landless knight errant to regent of the kingdom
Ōishi Kuranosuke Yoshio, of 17th-18th century Japan, leader of the revenge of the 47 ronin
One of the Trưng Sisters, of 1st century Vietnam, who led a revolutionary movement against China, and who would have a war elephant

I'd like 2 more character for the "main" list; I think that 6 in the team, plus the advisor, is the max that could possibly be supported in a standard animated episode structure, when shared with other characters from whatever adventure is happening. One would be from somewhere out of Africa or the Middle East, although I think the Islamic Golden Age falls too close in the timeline to medieval Europe, which I already have a character out of. I'd ideally like to fill that gap from the 1st to 12th century, but I haven't done the research to find a candidate I'd want in that time from those areas, aside from the whole history surrounding the rise of Muhammed, but I'm shying away from tackling religious conflict (Yeah, it's a big deal in history. No, I don't feel like dealing with Twitter telling me that everything I'm doing about it is wrong). The other character would be definitely reserved for another woman, if I didn't choose another one for the previous slot. I have ideas that she could be one of the Russian snipers of WW2, but I think that's a little too close to the present for my comfort; I'd ideally like all characters to be out of living memory to have more artistic freedom. My other main idea is a soldaderas from the Mexican Revolution in the 19th century, but I'd have to find one that has more than a few paragraphs on a couple of websites for research.

Why'd I bother writing this out? ...I dunno. It's nice to talk about your dreams every once in a while.

if I was being serious, it would be a multitude of investments towards a more equal, fairer society, with all the extensive baggage that comes with

if I were being anti-serious - cause fuck humanity for a dopamine hit - it would be to fund a spiritual successor to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas called Fear and Self-loathing in West Midlands. it would be the movie equivalent of a whimsical, drug-induced suicide, where the whimsy can easily be mistaken for chronic despair wearing a cute colourful bow tie. am thinking something like Terry Gilliam's final stare into the abyss; part psychedelic deconstructive journey, part cry for help...not unlike like my dating profile bio before it got deleted

wait one rope-stress-testing minute...I could do both! hypotheticals are so liberating

Buy the Trump Tower (and rename it CaitSeith Tower).


1) Wheel of Time (obviously with a lot of cuts out of the source material)

Amazon starts filming in September!

Buy the Trump Tower (and rename it CaitSeith Tower).

LOL! If I bought it I would tear that POS down and put something nice in it's place. :).

Actually if you had ENOUGH $, You could buy all the skyscrapers and demo them and build something nice in it's place ( like my future jungle city) . I have always found them to be hideous tbh, but I pretty much feel that way about cities in general. They just come across as so ugly and stinky and overall gross to me.

Shout "Drinks are on me!" in a crowded bar.
Open a drive-in theater.
Travel the world writing and gathering folk tales from various cultures to create a compendium.
Finance and write a true crime series centered around a specific device but each season explores a different gang/criminal group's perspective.
Create a movie version of White Fang and Call of the Wild, but replace the dogs/wolves with people so the message deals with human trafficking.
Create a Batman trilogy involving Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange, and Red Hood that actually does Freeze justice for once.
Create a movie trilogy that actually does the Iliad and the Aeneid justice
Finance and write a Warhammer 40k series centered around the Primarchs and the Horus Heresy.
Pay off student loans.

I wrote this in order of ability.

Not sure if it counts as weird but you can get these oversized Magic the Gathering cards at events. I'd want every one of those I could find. Then build a room specifically to house them.

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