Game of Thrones Final Season Discussion Thread. (SPOILERS ABOUND, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

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It is definitely meant to be snow, it is seen very clearly in the throne room/iron throne scene when Dany touches the thin layer on the throne itself. What she touches is crisp and reflective and not dull and thick. So unless the props department sucks (and they don't), we are meant to believe that it is winter coming to King's Landing. And magically disappearing in the time it takes for Tyrion to be brought to trial, at which point you got blooming deciduous trees in the background.

You, sir, are correct. Upon second viewing, it is snow. Sounds like it when stepped on too.

This honestly sounds pretty good.

This honestly sounds pretty good.

Yeah, that's not bad... I liked the Arya twist, pretty cool.

Maybe Martin never told them?

I know we want to all bash on the show and pretend GRRM isn't at fault at all.

Because right now we have a completed show, which most people agree is somewhat lacking on the execution leading up to the end, probably due to the writers/showrunners(who are also writing the show) not being terribly good at the whole writing thing. OTOH, Martin has 2 full books that we know little about other then a few chapters that he's released and that apparently Martin gave the showrunners the Major plot points to work from.

Until the books come out, there's ample room to speculate whatever he's written will be a hell of a lot better then where the show ended up. And while he's supposdly going to keep to the same plot points he came them, the books and show already have some notable differences and there's nothing holding him to keeping the remaining plot points intact, other then himself. Hell, there's nothing stopping him from rewriting those chapters he's already released to the public if he desires. All we know is there are two books left to go and they will probably look something like what we've seen on the show.

Now, if the books end up making the same mistakes as the show when we do see them, we can and will blame RR too.


Until the books come out, there's ample room to speculate whatever he's written will be a hell of a lot better then where the show ended up.

There are some pretty major differences even by the point the series passes the books. The show clearly decided to dispense with a lot of somewhat significant characters (The Blackfish, Mance Rayder, Ser Barristan Selmy); others like Rickon Stark, Stannis Baratheon and family look to be facing rather different arcs. Several characters with a major part to play are not even in the TV show: Wyman Manderley for instance has a major part to play in the North in the books.

As I recall the last book published ends with Stannis' army in big trouble (caught in a devastating storm) with a Bolton army on its way in much better shape, like the TV series. However, Stannis doesn't have Melisandre or his family with him to sacrifice anyone. The army Bolton sends against him is Manderley and the Freys; as Manderley is fiercely loyal to the Starks (so resents the Freys and secretly opposes the Boltons), there's every chance that battle will end with Manderley switching sides and helping Stannis slaughter the Freys.

I just want to conclude by saying this.

I fucking called it. I called it back in Season 3/4 that this series would end on a very disappointing and bad end on the level of Mass Effect 3 ending and have Last Jedi level of controversy on the internet.

And I have been saying that this show declined in quality hard from Season 4 after the Red Wedding.

George-y boy, your final 2 books can't come soon enough.

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