Any British folk here already saw the Tolkien movie?

The movie is already out in the UK and will come out internationally in 6 days.

Kermode ripped into it and the clip used in the review made my eyes almost roll out of their sockets so I'm not going to bother.

I only just noticed the ads last week. Which company produced it? Generally very few production houses release UK first, and they're mostly British (Film Four, Eon, Working Title...I can't name any others...).

I must say, I don't think I want to watch it. Much as I adore his work, I would find it very hard to reimagine JRRT as anything other than a grandfatherly linguistics professor, alienated by war, a peer of CS Lewis and the creator of mythology. I'm curious, but I don't think a biopic about him is my cup of tea. Hoult is a decent enough actor...perhaps it's one to stream down the line.

Those shots of the bad. I wonder if they'll make it an underdog tale. Everyone tells him his books are nonsense and he'll never amount to anything, that he'll go broke if he doesn't stop, but he persists and proves the naysayers wrong in the end.


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