An Escapist Marriage Miracle

Our very own T0ad_of_Truth is getting married this Saturday and I'm the best man! We even imported Dark Knifer and Legendsmith to come too

Can we get some congrats for him? Cheers for all!

Whoa! Congrats! :D

All the best with the next chapter of your life Toad

Congratulations! May a henchmen guard of honour stand for this occasion, if not in person then in spirit.

Whoa, there's a name I haven't heard in a while. Congrats, my dude.

Heeey! Congratulations! Please send us some pictures and we'll see about getting them on our socials!

While I don't know who those are, I'll still say congratulations! May you always be satisfied!

Congrats to him!

Pictures or it didn't happen.

In all seriousness, i'm so happy for him! Congratulations! I truly hope for the best and that he and his wife have a long, happy life together. Marriages are hard to keep stable now a days in society, so I have faith they'll make it work out!

Mazel Tov!

My sincerest congratulations to the happy couple.

All the happiness to the happy Couple for many years to come!

I don't need to personally know someone to be happy for them. Please, live it up and enjoy your day.

Sheeeiiit. Congrats to him! And y'all in general for being there.

Names sadly don't ring a bell, but congratulations and cheers all the same! Party on!

Wait, so people on here actually socialise in real life? O.o

Congrats to Toad, haven't seem him about in a while but all the best regardless.

And why wasn't I invited?

Apart from not really having ever interacted with them and probably living on the other side of the world I mean.

Also, I never realized T0ad 0f Truth changed their username. Not that they've posted here in a year anyway.

Grouchy Imp:
Wait, so people on here actually socialise in real life? O.o

Hold on now! Don't allow a small minority to cause you to form false impressions of us.

Where's the soon-to-be-married user? He must know that a random user on the internet that he most likely doesn't even know is happy for him.

In all seriousness good on him. I wish him a happy marriage

Taco gave a great best man's speech. Top tier. Would recommend.

Taco gave a great best man?s speech. Top tier. Would recommend.

Congrats. A man with a taco for a head at your wedding would be novel at the very least.


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