[Off Topic] HUMOR!!

To counteract the polarizing political climate in Off Topic, here's some humor. Warning: immaturity to ensue; enjoy!

How do you stop a bull from charging?

You take away his credit card!

I'm dark and brutal and full of hatred, I ain't got no sense of humor. You wanna do humor, do it without me...

A sausage maker buys a box of cereal

In honor of Dark Fate digging up a franchise that needed nothing after the second film, I bring you all this classic for fun.

I came in expecting humor, I'm disappointed 🙁🐼

Sorry, but there is no humor that can surpass the absurdity of the current political climate...


...err, this is the part where you laugh.


Whenever I feel down on myself, I take to YouTube and watch some LA Beast videos, YouTube's favorite low-budget idiot. I don't know why he puts himself through the things he does, be it eating obscene amounts of food or extremely hot peppers, but God bless this man.

This is anyone trying to have a positive, uplifting discussion in the forums these days...

So basically I hate everyone-

-'s lack of humour...

I don't got jokes, too much effort and happiness is a cursed veil blinding us from our searing annihilation. But watched Popstar recently, so am going to rip wholesale from that. Then, when it inevitably falls flat, the blame can be shifted over their way while I run off with the money! ahahaha! As long as nobody reads this confession. Not that money will be worth anything where we're going. It's just nice to indulge in a bit of, oh, err...right, the clip;

Have known multiple people in life who the song applies very well to. Honourable mentions to other songs, "things in my jeep" "legalise crack" and "incredible thoughts" all pretty cringe-inducing but in a way that's comfortably removed from any personal life, therefore not painful. That's a positive review, right? 'Not painful'? Hang on, this isn't the reviews thread, am getting confused again.

Editte: Heyy, what's with clip restrictions? Well damn. Failed again. Nevermind. Just assume humour occured somewhere. It probably did.

I discovered these two guys recently and I'd like to recommend their stuff, I think they're pretty funny:

Immature humor you say? Let's go a little blue...or purple as the case may be. Do you know how amusing it can be to censor Sesame Street?

Juvenile? Certainly. But that it works so well is hilarious in itself.

Alternatively - and perhaps more fitting for the Escapist, Dad Jokes with Kratos


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