[P] Hundreds of Current and Former Police Officers Reportedly Found in Extremist Facebook Groups

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The violent crimes rate is about 120/100 000 citizens while US is about 340. So it's almost 3 timed better...

Stuff like this kills me. This isn't really an attack on you, Trunkage, but every time I see this it just baffles me.

This thread is about how an unknown amount of cops are apart of various racial groups. We've had threads that have shown conflicting accounts of what actually happened and what people are arrested for. Hell, I just linked in this thread about a man who stepped in between his wife and a cop with a gun and his hand, the other cop who punched him, and how they blithely added that the man 'swung at the officer'.

I'm not saying there's not violent crime. That's a lot of bull. Every country has a crime. But what I'm saying is that we really have no idea what the actual numbers are because of a system that's either corrupted by bias or the need for an exorbitant amount of arrests to justify their budgets.


To the surprise of no one who was already in the know. I mean you expect the police in the backward community of Bodemuk, Arkansas whatever to have strong feelings of promoting diversity. This does not shock me my father and my uncles on both sides of my family can tell you many stories pulled over. Hell my cousin in his 30s had a incident not too long ago.

I get it. I felt it too a long time ago that colorblindness was the best thing ever and the best way to solve problems but no its a flaw and living in fantasy land. Trying to not see color does not stop racism just throws all the problems under rug but at the end of the day there is still a big pile of dirt.

Is this like the gun debate? You know where the NRA pretend that gun control advocates say it eliminates gun violence. So any further gun violence clearly indicates that gun control fails... When most advocates just say gun control will reduce violence and don't make outlandish claims that the NRA make up. (I.e. Lie to gain political advantage)

Gun control has dramatically reduced gun violence. It hasn't disappeared. Colourblindness has reduced racism but it doesn't get rid of all of it. It never will. Laws against murder never stops all murderers. Laws against slavery hasn't gotten rid of slavery. But they sure have reduced it.

You're wrong, the nra doesn't say that gun control advocates say it will eliminate gun violence. They say gun control advocates say it will eliminate all violence, so if anyone even gets stabbed by a knife, then it was a failure. Then they make fun of people trying to stop knife violence since "I thought gun control was supposed to stop violence, get wreked libs lawl."

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